Spontanious Prose

The frantic Pirate, Federico Fransqwais, swam slowly southwards, mowing muddy waves past mesmerising melancholy mammals, aiming arrogantly and angular at Anchorage Archipelago, the infamous islands of infinite introspection.

Frantic Federico treds tremendously terrified towards ten-towering-Tomahawks, Smiling secretively suggesting several sickening situations. Surprisingly, several swift Swedish servants Sexily served sherry, singing solemnly of Sopranos from Sicily. Stealthy Samantha, swooned steadily, seducing sailors surrounding soft shoulders.

Frederico was aghast at all anchors arched ageing around an Armoury, when wet wild

Warlocks bellowing berserkly bound for the beautiful beach, went wielding wild witchcraft washing Worlds waves over whole of Worlds Shores.

The End

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