Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Splook cautiously picked up the jar. Holding it in his hand, he could now see what was inside. Bugs. Or, to be more precise- flies. Hundreds of them! He couldn’t be sure, but they looked strangely like the picture of cinnamon flies that Jimmy had shown at school. Very carefully, he unscrewed the jar lid and eased it off- just a bit… buzz buzz zzzip!  Good! Just one fly got out. It circled Splook’s head. Zapp!  
   Mmm. They were Cinnamon Flies.  Splook made sure the lid was back on tight, and set the jar back inside his net. He just had to tell Freyda about the flies. And then, they would give them to Mama…

     Freyda had just gotten Mama Frog’s cookbooks put away, when Splook burst into the kitchen, yelling.  “Freyda!!! Freyda!!! You’ll never guess what I have here! Cinnamon flies! They were in my bug catching jar! I don’t know how they got there- but here they are!” 
  Freyda looked skeptically at her brother.
      “Are you sure that they’re Cinnamon flies?”
      “I tasted one! They’re delicious! Here- Try one!” Splook opened the jar carefully, one more time. Again, he only let a single fly out. Zapp!  Freyda caught it with her tongue. 
   “Mmm… Cinnamon.” She said. Then she grinned. Splook screwed the lid back on the jar, and Freyda grabbed his webbed froggy hand. “Come on, Splook! We’ve got to show these to Mama Frog!”

The End

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