Chapter 7

Chapter 7

       Once they agreed that Freyda really had seen their home, the frogs paddled faster- they were dirty and hungry, and so very tired!   The closer Splook and Freyda got to home, the thinner the mist got. Soon, it disappeared all together.
   The lily pad bumped into the shore, and both frogs leaped off. Splook was sad, because he had lost Mr. SuperFrog, and they still didn’t have a Mothers day present for Mama Frog. But at least they were home…

   Suddenly, Splook saw something come gliding toward the shore. He looked closer… It was his net! Upright in the water, the net was coming closer… and closer…
  As the water became shallower, Splook saw Margalo. 
   “Freyda!” he hollered, shaking with fear. “Go find the beetle butter & moth jelly sandwich recipe! Margalo is here!” 
   Margalo surfaced, and spit out the net onto the shore. It tasted terrible! The stuffed frog, binoculars, jar, and notebook fell out of the net and onto the ground. 
   “SuperFrog!!” Splook yelled with joy. He reached down to pick him up. Then he remembered what was happening. Margalo was waiting for the recipe!  Splook decided to take care of SuperFrog later. Right now there was an alligator in his yard!   

   “Hhhelllo, Sssplook.” Margalo said. 
   “Hi…” said Splook. He was scared!  Margalo was here- at his house!  But what was that? A tiny movement startled him- something was trapped inside his bug catching jar!

 Freyda had run toward their home the minute that she saw Margalo. She was now squatted on her froggy legs in front of Mama Frog’s cookbook shelf. Books and papers lay strewn all over the floor. 
  “Buttered Beetle Bread- no, that’s not it…” Freyda scanned page after page of yet another cookbook… “Blue Beetle casserole- ick! I hate Blue Beetles!…” She flipped the pages frantically now. If she didn’t find the recipe soon, Splook might become Gator food!
   “Aha! ‘Beetle Butter & Moth Jelly Sandwiches’!”  At last! Freyda almost tore the entire page out of the cookbook, but then stopped. Mama Frog might not like that too much. Instead, she scribbled down the words on a scrap of paper, and leaped out the door.

Margalo was about to leave when Freyda came hopping toward him.  
   “SPLOOOOK!” she yelled as she came.  Margalo grinned a big, gator grin when he saw her. What a nice Froggy girl she was!
   Trembling, Freyda advanced toward him. In her hand, was a small scrap of paper. Margalo could just barely read the words scrawled on it. 
“Beetle Butter & Moth Jelly Sandwiches.” 
   Margalo smiled even bigger. “Thannk-you verrry mmmuchhh,” he said. “Goodbyyye- I mmmusssssttt be goinnngg…” 
   Margalo turned and in one, graceful motion, glided into the water.

   As soon as Margalo had disappeared, Freyda headed back to the kitchen. She had left all of Mama Frog’s cookbooks all over the floor!  
  Splook snatched SuperFrog up from the ground, and turned his attention back to his bug jar. He just had to find out was trapped inside…

The End

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