Chapter 5

Chapter 5

    Margalo wiped water from his snout as he headed back for camp. His wife was probably back by now, and it would soon be time to eat. But the thought of eating those two little frogs made him feel bad.    
     The froggy girl had given him her sandwich, and didn’t even seem afraid of him. Most creatures were usually terrified of his many teeth, and ran away from him before he even got close.  Maybe he and his wife could find something else to eat…

       “Feed your enemies,” the words echoed through Splook’s head. He thought about how Freyda had shared her sandwich, and began remembering more of the verse… 

     “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in doing so, you will heap hot coals of fire upon his head…1”   
   Splook didn’t think it would be nice to have hot coals on his head. It would probably hurt. He didn’t remember exactly what the words meant, but it sounded like if he were nice to the alligators, something bad would happen to them, and then he and Freyda would be saved from being their supper.

  Margalo reached camp at almost the same time as his wife did. He knew he had to think fast if he wanted to save the young frogs from being cooked. He called his wife. “Andorra! Did you get...” he thought like lightning to come up with something worthwhile… “Did you get the pill bug bread for the frog sandwiches?” Andorra Gator looked at Margalo. She was confused. Hadn’t they planned on baking them into a meat pie?  Oh well. Frog sandwiches did  sound good.
  “No,” she answered. “I thought we were… Never mind. I’ll go get some.” She turned, and headed back out among the trees.
    Margalo waddled as fast as his legs would carry him toward the young frogs.  He groped with the latch on their cage, and pulled the door open. 

   Splook jumped back to get his stick again, when he saw Margalo coming, but Freyda stayed where she was, leaning against the bars, near the door. Splook thought she must be crazy. Just because she was supposed to feed  her enemies, didn’t mean that she was supposed to be  the food!  She hopped to her feet when the door opened. 
  “Want a can of Cricket Cola?” she asked Margalo sweetly, holding up a can.  He shook his enormous head vigorously. 
  “No.” he said, gruffly. He had been thinking about how he could justify letting them go, and had finally come up with an idea. “I like those sssandwiches, though.” he said. “And I‘ll let you go if you bring me back the recipe.”  It suddenly occurred to him, that they might not come back. Oh well. They’d be safe, at any rate.

  “Really?” Splook asked. “You’ll let us go?”  He hadn’t been expecting that!  But if Margalo really wanted to, then…
  “Yess, Sssplook. But don’t forget the recccipe…” He tried to look scary. “If you don’t give me the recccipe, I will gobble you up!”  He walked away from them and hollered, “Go home!” 
   “But Mr. Gator, how will we get off the island?” Freyda asked.    
   “There’s a patch of lily pads waiting at the south bank of the island,” he said, over his shoulder.  “And I found some surfboard pieces, that washed up after that storm we had a few days ago. Now go!” he said again. “Before I change my mind and decide to eat you both right now.”

The End

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