Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Splook was scared. He had never seen an alligator before. They had a lot of teeth! The gator looked at him carelessly, and then fastened his stare on Freyda. He licked his lips. Splook jumped up. He might be scared, but he wasn’t going to let the gator eat Freyda. He grabbed a stick and shoved his sister behind him, to the back of the cage. He was ready to defend her.
    The alligator blinked, and then he grinned a big toothy alligator grin.  
  “Grruh-huh-huh-huhhh!” he laughed. Well- Splook thought it was a laugh. He didn’t know whether alligators could laugh or not. He leaped when the gator   spoke. “Hhhello, Sssplook. I amm Mmmargalo.” He looked at Freyda, and she heard his stomach growl again. She looked down at her knapsack of food, and got an idea. Sandwiches would taste a lot better than frogs, she reasoned. She unfastened one corner of the knapsack.  Margalo Gator tensed. “What isss inn there?” he asked warily.  He was hungry, and his wife was taking too long.  Freyda unfastened the other side of the knapsack, and reached inside.  
  “Sandwiches.” she said, holding up a couple of them. A delicious aroma wafted through the air, and tickled Margalo’s nose. 
  “Mmm. Thossssse ssssmelll good.” he said. 

       Splook was shocked at what his sister did next. 
“Here. Would you like one?” she handed one to the gator through the cage bars.

“Freyda! That’s ours!” Splook exclaimed, staring at her. 
 “Thannk you.” the alligator said. He took a small bite. But even a cautious alligator bite was still big enough to be half a frog’s sandwich. “Mmm. Ver’ good” he said, with his big mouth full. The sandwich was delicious, but it made him thirsty. He plodded off to get some water. 

  After watching Margalo leave, Splook whirled to face Freyda. 
    “How could you?” he whispered. “You gave our food to the gator!”  Freyda shrugged. “Did it occur to you,” Splook continued, “that Margalo is going to eat us? He’s the enemy- and you fed him!”
   Freyda looked thoughtful for a moment. 
  “Well, he was hungry.”  
Those words echoed in Splook’s mind. ‘He was hungry…’ then he remembered something he had learned during family devotions a couple of days ago. 

‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him…’  

He knew there was more, but he couldn’t remember it.

     Splook sat down, and leaned back against a rock. He needed to think.  Across the cage, sat Freyda, who was eating the half-sandwich her brother had given her. She had been hungry, and since she gave Margalo Gator her own sandwich, Splook had given her his own sandwich. But his stomach was growling now, too. A fly buzzed around his head. Zapp!  There. It was gone.

The End

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