Chapter 3

Chapter 3

    Splook and Freyda heard a splashing noise, and then something grabbed hold of the lily pad. Some water sprayed up at the frogs, and made a puddle. Splook grabbed Mr. SuperFrog so he wouldn’t get wet. Freyda grabbed the knapsack full of snacks. Both frogs flopped onto their backs as the lily pad started to move. 
   “What’s happening, Splook?” Freyda asked, in a scared voice. Splook opened his mouth to answer her, but he didn’t know any more than she did. He closed his mouth, and shrugged his yellow spotted shoulders. 
    After several moments, whatever-it-was let go of the lily pad, which then bumped into something solid. They had reached the Cinnamon Flies’ island. 
  Splook hopped to the edge of the lily pad, and leaped onto the bank.   “Come on,” he said to Freyda. “Jump!” She did, and just in time! A split second later, the lily pad was chomped by an alligator!
  “Yipes!” Freyda croaked. She and Splook hopped madly into the soggy brush- and right into another alligator! Splook jumped back in alarm, as the gator grabbed at them with his long, sharp claws. Freyda jumped back, too, but not in time. Splook looked up just in time to see Freyda being carried away…
  “FREEEEYDAAAA!!!!!!!” Splook chirped (yes, some frogs can chirp) almost as loud as Freyda did. Then something thumped against him from behind. He tried to dodge it, but fell on his face. His head slammed into a rock, and everything went black.

    Freyda was frightened. The alligators were carrying her off somewhere-no doubt to cook her up and serve her for dinner- and she hadn’t seen Splook. Had he gotten away from them? Freyda hoped that the gators hadn’t eaten him. 
    She looked around as she was carried away; she wanted to be sure that she could find her way back, later. She thought about the things she saw, to help her remember them.  Lots of trees, she thought.  There’s one that looks like it has a face…  After awhile, the gators waddled more slowly. They were almost there. Abruptly, Freyda was thrown into a large, wooden cage. She was very scared, and she felt like crying, but she knew what she had to do now. God could help her, even here. She sat down and closed her big eyes, and prayed.
After awhile, Freyda heard a loud noise, and a grunt. She turned around, and saw: her brother.

  Splook opened his eyes. It was bright, and Splook was glad. He didn’t like the dark. It took him a few moments to remember where he was. “The gators have us,” he thought. “We’ve got to get out of here!”  
  “Are you okay, Splook?” Freyda stared down at her brother. Splook blinked once, then sat up, when he saw his sister‘s bulging eyes. He was dizzy, but other than what felt like a nasty bruise, he was fine.
  “Yeah, I‘m okay, Freyda.” he said, rubbing the back of his green head. He wasn’t really listening to her, as he surveyed their surroundings. The wind whistled through the tall trees surrounding their clearing, which he could see through the bars of the cage where they sat.  This wasn’t the best of situations. 
     Splook thought he heard his stomach growl, but it could have been one of the gators. He was hungry. 
 But there was no time to worry about that. He heard something. Voices.
  “…job, Margalo… be good with some carp and…” Another voice, a little deeper than the first.
“Don’t take… long, now, Dear. I’ll go get the… and then we’ll”   Splook looked at Freyda. Yep. She had heard as much as he had. They were in trouble. Big trouble. Now we’ve really got to get out of here!  Splook thought. Otherwise… Splook didn’t want to think about what could happen.
  Freyda heard a noise that almost sounded like whistling,-well,  as close as a reptile can get to whistling- and a fern rustled nearby. 
    “Grrrruuuuhhhhh” A gator plodded towards them. Freyda heard Splook’s stomach growl again, and she thought that she might have heard the gator’s tummy growl, too. 
  She looked at the bag of Beetle Butter sandwiches, and back at the alligator. Then she heard Splook introduce himself.
  “H-hi, M-Mr. Gator. I-I’m Splook.” her brother said. Freyda thought it was awfully brave of him to talk to the hungry alligator. “Grrrruuuuhhhhh” There went that noise again. Freyda decided that it must be the gator’s tummy.

The End

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