Splook and the Cinnamon Flies

When Splook the frog, and his sister Freyda go on a search for the perfect mother's day present, they have some scary adventures, and learn to love their enemies. Children's story.

Splook & The Cinnamon Flies Chapter 1

Splook the Frog was bored. He turned the page of his comic book. He had read it six times. It was hot outside, and nobody wanted to do anything.  He closed the comic book, and headed for his bookshelf. He put it away and looked at the calendar.
   Oh no! Tomorrow was Mother’s Day, and Splook had no idea what he would get for his Mama Frog. 
  “What do you think I should get her?” he asked SuperFrog, who was sitting on his bed. SuperFrog didn’t answer. He was stuffed. A fly landed on Splook’s nose, and it gave him an idea.  He thought more about it as he remembered…

      “My dad said that they only live on the little island in the middle of the swamp.”  Jimmy had said in Show & Tell yesterday. He was talking about the rare Cinnamon Fly, and had shown them all a picture he had borrowed from his dad. Jimmy said that Cinnamon flies were very hard for frogs to catch, because they lived next to the Alligator Families. 
  But Jimmy had also said that they tasted just like Cinnamon Bites. His mother loved Cinnamon Bites.  She didn’t eat them very often, because they were not very good for swamp frogs.  But Cinnamon Flies would be good for frogs to eat, because flies were always full of good things that helped frogs grow.
     This was perfect. Splook would go find those flies, and give his mother the best present ever!

  “Whatcha doing?” Splook rolled his big bulging frog-eyes at his little sister, Freyda, as she hopped into his room.  She usually asked a lot of questions, and today was no exception.
  “I am going to find Mama Frog a special present for Mother’s Day.” He said. “Go away, because I’m busy.” Freyda’s large mouth curved downward into a frown. 
  “Can’t I help?” she asked. 
  “Well, I guess you can help a little bit,” Splook said. “I am going to catch Mama some Cinnamon Swamp Flies, since she likes eating cinnamon candy so much. Here. You can carry this.” He picked up a jar, and handed it to Freyda. Then he tugged his little green wagon into the center of the room, and started filling it with things. A net, binoculars, a notebook, a pen, and his stuffed SuperFrog all went into the wagon. He opened his bedroom door, and was almost out when his sister called him. 
  “Wait, Splook! You almost forgot your hat.” Splook stopped. Freyda was right! How could he go fly catching without his hat? He let the wagon handle fall to the ground with a thunk, and headed back for his trusty explorer hat. 

  Splook pulled his wagon into the kitchen, where his dad was sitting at the table with the newspaper.  He looked up from the paper when Splook opened the fridge. 
  “What are you doing, Splook?” he asked. 
  “I’m getting a snack for later.” Splook said. “Freyda and I are going fly hunting for Mama Frog’s Mother’s Day present, and we might get hungry.” 
  There wasn’t much to eat in the fridge, but Splook managed to find some leftover Caterpillar stuffing from last week, and a few cans of Cricket Cola. 
  “Wait,” his dad picked up the bowl of Caterpillar stuffing. “It will upset your mother if this dish gets broken, and this stuffing looks extra fuzzy... Did it used to be blue? How about I make the two of you some beetle butter and moth jelly sandwiches instead? You can have a picnic.” 
  “Okay.” said Splook. Beetle Butter sandwiches and Cricket Cola were his favorites. 
  “Yum!” said Freyda. She liked them too.

    Soon the two frogs were on their way. They saw all kinds of things as they traveled to the swamp: green and orange mushrooms, some swamp butterflies, (Splook thought those were delicious…) and even some pretty flowers. Freyda liked the flowers, so the frogs just had to stop, for  so that Freyda to could make herself a crown.
    As Splook and Freyda got closer to the brown, muddy bank, Splook’s wagon got harder and harder to pull. Soon, the wagon stopped completely! It wouldn’t move. Freyda looked at the wagon; then at Splook. She was worried.
   “What are we gonna do, Splook?” she asked.  Splook picked up his net.
   “We’ll carry our things. Here, put everything inside.”
 They left the wagon right there in the mud. Freyda didn’t think Mama Frog would like that- she was unhappy when her children left their toys out- but Splook insisted.  “We’re coming back for it, and besides, it’s stuck. We will need Daddy Frog’s help to get it loose” He said.

    Freyda was first to see their next problem. The water was deep, and to get to the island in the middle of the swamp, they would have to swim. 
   “But alligators can swim too, can’t they?” she asked. “Won’t they catch us?”  Splook didn’t think anyone could catch him. But… Freyda couldn’t swim as fast as he could, and the gators just might catch her!  And what if the two of them got tired? They wouldn’t be able to stop to rest, without sinking! There had to be another way across. Splook didn’t want to sink and get Mr. SuperFrog all wet and muddy!

The End

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