✖Split Souls✖

Skye Bluebox is an ordinary girl, until her parents tell her she has a split soul. Half of it is in her, but the other half is paired with a mythical creature. She has to travel to a different world and find it - without getting killed...

Walking down the street, I felt even more alone that usual. My best friend Kate had just moves to Florida, leaving me alone. Well, not completely - Kate wasn't my only friend, but she was my closest one. We were like sisters.

"I'm home!" I called into the house, as I dropped my school bags and took my shoes off.

"What's for tea?" I asked my mum, grabbing a packet of crisps. I was always starving when I got back from school.

"Fish and chips, from Freddie's Fish and Chips." Mum answered. I stopped what I was doing straight away. We only had takeaways when there was news. "Ah well," I thought to myself,"It's probably because of Kate moving."

                                          *         ~         *          ~         *

That night at the dinner table, there was a tense atmosphere. I could tell mum and dad knew something Max and I didn't. The chips tasted of cardboard and the fish felt raw.

"Hey, Maxxi, why don't you go on the computer? You can play those games you wanted to try out, can't you?" My dad said. Max grinned and ran off, dumping his half finished plate on the worktop. This couldn't be good - they wanted only me and not Maxxi.

"Listen, Skye, There's something we have to tell you. I know we should have told you as soon as you were of age, but it was too soon." Mum started. "This is going to be a massive shock for you, and I won't mind at all if you don't want to go..."

"What is it? Do you want me to move out?!" I asked them, surprised, I was only 14!

"No, no, no! It's just... well, you have a soul mate. And I don't mean a boy. When you were a baby, we had to pair you to a mythical creature. It's a family tradition, even I had to go. So, half your soul is inside you now, but the other half is in this creature. It can feel everything you feel and it practically shares your life with you." Dad finished. Mum was right - I was astonished! But he wasn't done.

"You turned of age when you were 12, but it was too early for your mother and I." Dad continued, " You have to go into a different world and find your mythical creature. Once you've found it, you can either stay in that world with it, of abandon it and come back to us. If you don't go, you'll NEVER  be able to love someone. Not fully, anyway."

I must have fainted. I woke up feeling something cold dribbling into my mouth. I sat up coughing, and saw my dad holding a cup of water, a concerend look on his face.

"Where's mum?" I asked him.

"She had to go to work. You woke up a few minutes after you fainted, but then fell into a deep sleep. I carried you upstairs and you slept the whole night." Dad said, smiling.

"Wait...What time is it?!? I'm going to be late for school!" I got up out of bed and went to the wardrobe. Dad got hold of me and sat me down.

"Don't worry, I called into school and told them you were ill - you did faint, you know!" He told me, and suddelny I remembered everything. The meal, Maxxi, and the news.

"Hahaa, you've just remembered, haven't you? I can tell. Listen, Skye, if you're up for it, we can go for a walk and I can, ahem, teach you a few things. What do you think?"

"Yeah, I'd love that! Let me get a shower and breakfast but I'll be ready in half an hour." I said, thrilled.

"This is the start of my adventure. Who knows what'll happen?!" I thought, walking to the bathroom.

The End

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