Split between two groups - a true story

this is basically my life in school. i hate arguments. I hate eeling like i have to choose between two groups of friends. On my profile because it has information about me in it.

           The school crawled with the excited, muttering students; all stood in groups on the dreary grey yard. Some children who had just moved up to the higher school yelled and laughed, chasing each other around the shelter from rain which prevented the students from finding the safety from the droplets of water inside the school building. Under the dome shaped shelter, one fifteen year old girl stood in her own small group of friends, but her mind was somewhere else. Beth was watching her friends lips move as she spoke, but nothing was being taken in. With brown shoulder length hair, grey-blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles across her nose, she didn't feel like the prettiest girl in the school. She was in a world of her own. Coming out of her amusing daydream, her eyes cast across the other people on the yard. She sighed once as she saw her other group of friends on the other side of the yard, feeling torn between friends what seemed like the millionth time in the year.

            She remembered back when everyone was happy with hanging out together; until war broke out between her female friends and her male friends. Her group of best friends where halved down the centre and - although she loved them both dearly - each group lacked certain aspects that the other gained. For instance, whilst the girls where good to gossip with and playfully tease, the boys where more amusing to be around, and they always provided someone to hug when they needed it. The girls where over protective around her, whilst the boys could keep secrets and always provided a shoulder to cry on and comfort when needed.

            She hated how both sides of the friends loathed each other. And it was all over her friend Daniel admitting he had like her other friend Alice since they had met four years ago. Alice did not feel the same way back, and proceeded to make his life a living hell with the help of Lauren by twisting what he said in his seven paged letter that he wrote telling her how he felt and turning everyone against him. Beth scowled at the memory, hating Alice for doing so, and hating everyone for taking her side. Daniel had gone into a month of depression and it was only until Beth found out he was having suicidal thoughts that she put him in counselling to try and help him. She hated Alice for being a heartless witch, but after a huge argument with her, Alice had stopped treating Daniel like dirt. Daniel, thankfully, had slowly turned back into his usual, bubbly self; Beth was still weary around him when it came to the conversation of Alice though.

            Since the partition first started, Beth vowed not to choose sides, because she knew both sides of the story, and knew if she chose one side; the other side would hate her. But that didn’t stop her from feeling split in half. Quietly excusing herself from the group of gossiping girls, she smiled slightly and made her way alone across the grounds of the school, waving lightly at the boys and giving them a cheesy grin as she did.

"Hey, shorty!" Luke grinned as he stood up to give her a hug. Doing as they usually did when they hugged, Beth tightened her arms around him, grasping him in a bear hug which caused him to gasp, whilst - in attempt to get her off him - Luke bent down and tried to bite her neck. She squeaked and ducked away from him, her hands now covering her neck. He gave a sharp toothed grin, his dark hair and gothic jewellery causing the boy who acted like a vampire to look like one too.

"Gotta get that neck brace soon," he smiled, "because next time I will bite you!" She laughed and turned, hugging her next friend Alec, who picked her up and spun her around.  Finally, she hugged Daniel, who had to bend down slightly so she could hug him properly.

            Today, she knew it was the boy's day. She often had days where she knew she would have more fun around either the boys or the girls. Today she needed cheering up as she had spent most of the previous day babysitting her one year old brother as well as her ten year old siblings as well, so these where the right people for it. On days like these, the girls annoyed and bored her. But her thoughts where interrupted suddenly when someone came up to her, grabbed her hand, and dragged her away. She looked at Lauren in surprised, and then sighed, looking back at the boys with a down expression. Lauren didn’t like it when Beth was with Daniel, Alec and Luke. She often dragged her away, back to the girls, and made up pathetic lies for why she did it. Usually, it was 'we just wanted to tell you how much we love you!' But she knew the real reason. She found it unfair; the boys never carried her off when she was with the girls. They just accepted that she was friends with both groups.

            She guessed she just had to live this split life, even though she hated it.  

The End

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