Eliza awoke to blaring beep of her alarm clock. This itself was not unusual, but the fact that she did not remember going to bed the night before, did. She reached out and groped about for the “off” button on the clock. She pressed it with all the vehemence of an irritated teenager who suffers from a severe lack of sleep. 

She got out of bed and stuck her arms out in front of her as she fumbled about for the light switch. She found it after a few passes with her hands and flicked it on, the sudden brightness blinding her. 

The clothes Eliza had picked out the night before were at the foot of the bed and she went over to get them, but a sudden wave of nausea swept over her as she saw the clothes pressed up against the footboard.

A pair of black denim jeans caught her eye first as she absorbed the situation. The shirt she had was also black and covered with a print of laughing skulls. Much to her relief, the bra and underwear were completely normal and more importantly, hers.

Eliza glanced at the clock and realized that she had been standing and staring down at the neatly folded clothes for nearly seven minutes. There was no time to pick out something else, if she didn’t get dressed soon, she would miss the bus.

She pulled on the pants which were uncomfortably tight, but made her small frame even more appealing. The shirt had a v-neck that fell embarrassingly low on her chest; Eliza only hoped that her mother would not stop her on the way put the door for trying to wear it to school.

The seconds ticked by and Eliza rushed into the bathroom to apply her light makeup, which, to her horror, had been replaced with dark blacks, blues, and purples. A sticky note had been left on the mirror with the word “Enjoy!” and a smiley face drawn on it. By this time, she was shaking so badly from fear ad frustration that she had a hard time applying her new black eyeliner. Her hand jerked and she left a stray mark in the center of her eyelid. As she used her index finger to smudge it away, she noticed that her nails had also been painted black. 

What happened last night?

Eliza never had the chance to think it through. She heard the bus coming down the hill to her house and rushed to the door, shoving her feet frantically into a pair of sneakers and running out the door.

The End

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