The FalloutMature

Haven't you ever wondered what scandals plague the wealthiest of society? In this grand year of 1874 it appears that those who are successful all play their part in a chess game of Splendor & Subterfuge.

Oh to be young and rich,
They say it is the greatest freedom of all.

Why, when you're rich you have everything you want at a moments grasp,
a simple flick of the wrist brings a flock of servants to your side,
and your wealth almost always ensures your eternal attractiveness.

Although, with wealth always comes stature,
And with a high stature always comes a heavy responsibility,
the unfortunate responsibility to conform to the social doctrine.

Social doctrine can be quite the prison,
Especially so for the young aristocrats in our lovely city
Of New York, New York.

The year is 1874 and we find our lovely city booming with wealth and providence,
The five major families appear to be very generous indeed,
Always smiles and manners and hosting grand charity balls for their friends.
It appears that these aristocratic giants
Fund the lower end of our economy all on their own.

And if that is the case, then no wonder every commoner in the city
Considers them Royalty among sheep.
And like all royalty, their comings and goings are all known
And gossiped about by every paper in the vicinity.

New York's own private entertainment
Is the lives of those who rise or fall
With wealth and family attached to their name.

But behind closed doors, the facade our royals put on
Fades away like sunlight at dusk.
It turns out that our well mannered families
May not be so well mannered at all.

For being wealthy and political is just a game,
A chess-like game of Splendor and Subterfuge.
Where all the players are actors on a stage,
Saying the right lines and looking pretty,
All the while working towards their goal
To be the wealthiest and most talked about in all of New York.

Our five families of New York play their parts well.
For who wouldn't suspect the old Astor family to play by the rules?
What secret about their money could they possibly be hiding?

Even the foreigners keep the public eating out the palm of their hands.
Who could imagine that the Devereaux
Would ever let their French Nature appear an insult?

Although it appears that the peoples favorite is the expected union
Of the Aldridge and Shipley families through their youngest children,
Who would dare deny their love,
When nothing else has ever been so sincere and beautiful?

Even the new money Daugherty clan find themselves part of society's game.
In doing so, they give hope to those less well off in our world.
It is just their hope that they aren't too far behind in the game,
Where truths are lies and scandal is forbidden.

The End

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