Sept 26, 2013

Sept 26, 2013

I am finally in the great outdoors!  It makes me so much happier just being out here.  Being able to breathe in the nice, cool air just makes me calmer.  My friends told me now that I am able to get away, they will meet me out here today!  I think it will be better being able to hang out here.  Before, we would hang out at parks, but for some reason, people would always point and stare at us.  It always made my friends really angry though, so we would leave.

I hate the scars that I have on my arms.  I've asked mom, dad, and Stephanie how I got them, but no matter what, they will never tell me.  It seems like I should know but for some reason, I just can't remember.  When I ask mom, she just gets this sad look on her face and then grabs me and just sits there and hugs me.  Every time, she tells me it will be OK, but there is nothing wrong.  I just don't understand what she thinks is the matter.  I just want to know what my scars are.  I didn't think that was a big deal.

Well, my friends are here.  Ttyl! Maybe I will tell you a little more about them soon.  I was told to write about anything important, and they definitely are .


The End

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