Sept 25, 2013

Sept 25, 2013

The meeting with Stephanie wasn't so bad today.  When she started talking about me making new friends at school, I just went along with it.  I didn't mention my friends that she doesn't like and I said I would be sure and try to make friends this time.  Who knows, I may actually try.  Its not like I can say I'm still trying forever.

I have been wanting to explore outside ever since we moved here.  I have actual woods to explore!  But, as always, I had to wait for the OK for my counselor.  She had to analyze me to make sure I wouldn't run away or kill myself or something else stupid like that.  It was already dark when she left so I can't go out now.  My parents say no, no matter how sane I am, I can't go outside at night.  Looks like I will just have to wait until tomorrow.  I wasn't going to say anything, but I was starting to feel a little crazy staying in the house.

I was told to bring my journal when I go out tomorrow, in case anything interesting happens.  I'm kind of getting a little skeptical of if she is going to want to read my journal, but that's OK, because I'm going to keep it with me or keep it hidden.



The End

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