Sept 24, 2013

Sept 24, 2013

So I guess the first night in the new house wasn't that bad.  My friends showed up a lot later than they usually do.  They said they had a hard time finding my new place.  I've always lived in big cities.  I guess having to travel through the woods was a little new to them.

I told my friends about how my new therapist doesn't think they are real.  I think she is the one who is crazy.  I mean, I can see them.  I can talk to them.  How could they not be real? But whatever.  They say I don't have friends but they just get upset when I tell them who my friends really are.  I just don't understand.  My stupid counselor, Stephanie, will be here tomorrow.  Maybe I should just start lying.  Who knows, it may get my "sentence" reduced.

Mom hates that I have to talk to this woman, but for some reason, the state said they would have to take me away if I don't, though.  I hate that they think that I am crazy.

I also start my first day of school tomorrow.  Yesterday and today were supposed to be my "transition" days, so I will be less stressed about the move.  It wasn't like I was stressed about it anyway.  I don't keep friends at school.  I didn't care for the weather.  Everything and everyone that I care about came with me.  They always do.  The only thing I might miss is my old teachers.  They actually told me how smart I am.  They made me feel that I could actually do something.  When I get good grades, Dad just says I was cheating, so I started lying and saying I am getting C's and D's now, so he doesn't accuse me of anything.

Well, I'm starting to get aggravated.  Good night.

The End

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