Grandma Chantal

Cacia grumbled meaningless words to herself as she scrambled awkwardly out of her small bed which was shoved carelessly in the corner of her tiny-cupboard room. Cacia hated those odd dreams! They made her grumpy. She could smell pancakes....

By the time she had got into the kitchen, all the pancakes had been eaten by her younger brother; Max.

"Max! You ate all of the pancakes!"She scolded him, he always seemed to get to them before she did. She stood there for a while, glaring at him with her hands on her hips, until he gave a frightened little squeal of scampered off to get dressed.

"Mum, next time you make pancakes, tell Max NOT to eat them before I even put my foot in the doorway!"She said coldly.

"Of course dear...." Her mother said absent mindedly.

"Arggg!!"She screamed quietly and stormed off upstairs without a glance backwards. She shoved the scrawny body of her little brother out the way so she could get into the bathroom and calm down. She turned the shower on, undressed and hopped inside.

She wasn't usually this annoyed after her dreams. There was just something about this one that made her edgy.

"Grandma."She muttered, he grandmother;  Chantal Cadogan had a gift rather like Cacia's. Cacia knew whenever she felt confused or down, Grandma Chantal would always have a answer to her queery.

She pondered over this for a while, then decided that she had nothing better to do that warm, spring Sunday afternoon, so she might as well give her grandma a visit. With a determined push, she forced herself to get out of the warmth of the shower and get dressed.

She wrapped a towel around herself and kicked Max out the way(he was sitting directly in front of the door.) then sauntered into her bedroom; slamming the door shut after her.

She decided to wear something that would suit the season; a floral, floaty dress. But she ended up wearing a vibrant green one, admitting to herself that she needed to go on a spring shopping trip!

"Mum, I'm going to Grandma Chantal, I'll catch the bus; it's due in ten, cya!"She called, running down the stairs. She heard a muffled 'Okay' from her mothers study. Her mum (Nell) spent half her time in her study lately. Her job is taking over her life, thought Cacia.

She quietly closed the door behind her as she headed to the bus stop.

The End

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