Spirit Talker: The Mystery of James and Lucy.

Cacia's name means brave and watchful. She has to be, because the world of Spirits is much more brutal than she thinks....
She has to solve a mystery that happened in 1890.....

"Fall with me, Lucy....."

"James.... I can't....."

"Yes you can, hold my hand and we can live forever together...."

"Please James..... I don't want too!"

"Lucy, you love me, do you not?"

"That's a stupid question! Of course I do!"

"Then jump with my Lucy, jump and we'll be free, free of everyone and everything!"

"What if it hurts, James?"

"It wont, I promise."


"I swear all my love to you."


"Please, Lucy, if you hesitate, you wont do it!"

"James, honestly, were young, we have our lives ahead of us! We can run away... Not die.... I don't want to..... not like this..."

"You said you would, Lucy!"

"But I don't want to anymore, okay James? I don't want to die!...... James.... What are you-- ARGGGGGGGGGG!"

"I'm coming Lucy....." Jame's Starling jumped off the edge of the cliff after his soon-to-be dead lover.

One hundred and twenty years into the future, a girl called Cacia Falls woke with a start.

The End

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