Chapter 5

I'd been wandering for hours. Limping on sore, grazed legs along the ridge, staring up at the crumbly edge, longing for a smooth slope, where I could get back up, and look for my family.

I tried not to look down. Never in my life had I felt so hopeless, so lost. But whenever my thoughts got me to hang my head, I could see the blood that was dribbling onto the ground from my knees. So I kept looking forward.

The air was still and hot, and I could still smell the charring, smokey wood. My heart was fluttering like a bird eager to escape. I was in pain, and I really felt like the fire had already gotten me, and I was now just a pile of ashes, never to rise again.

My ears twitched at a sound. A whistling sound. I had heard the wind make these sounds through the branches of the trees. But this was clearer, louder. The sound of hooves on gravel, the slap of a whip. I began to reverse, eyes widening.

Three horses galloped around the corner, having an odd-sided gait from the things on their backs. They were humans. They sat on the horses and lashed the leather reins. I turned and ran, but my knees stabbed with pain and I failed to run against them before my legs buckled and I was on the ground. The whistles grew closer, and lasso rope flung over my head. I was heaved to my hooves and I stared up at one of the horses, who had strange binds over its face. It sniffed me with hot breath, and I leaned away.

"Woah there!" One of the humans barked.

I didn't try to resist against the choking rope around my neck. I just looked over my shoulder at the ridge, and pledged to my heart that one day I would return. I promise you Rain, I'll come back for you.

The End

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