Chapter 2

I stood, legs trembling, my ears brushing Rain's soft velvet stomach. The night was black all around us, and I could see Spirit standing atop the hill, his mane billowing in the breeze. I may of just been a colt on the outside, but I was stallion on the inside, and I was prepared to stay up all night on watch like my sire.
My eyelids drifted a little lower, but I battled the sleepiness waving over me. I was determined to stay on my legs. Spirit let out a breath, and I listened closer, tuning into the sound of his thick breathing to keep me awake. The moon bathed the clearing in lucent white, lighting every horse around me to give them the look of a ghost. I could feel my legs relaxing, and I thought that I might rest them, only for a moment.
Rain sniffed me as I bent my knees and curled into the rough, parched grass, and she began to groom my head affectionately. I tried to shrug her off. I was keeping watch for the herd! I soon gave up on bunting her muzzle, and let myself fall into the rhythm of her steady licking. The world grew thinner around me, until all I could see was Spirit, his golden pelt godly in the moonlight. I lifted one leg to stand again, then my head dipped until I smelt the musty straw beneath me, and everything driftened into blackness...

The sun warmed my back until it was too hot for me to sit still. I squeaked and kicked out my legs, eyes stretching open, head tossing on the ground. Where was Rain? Where had Spirit gone? I thrashed in panic and spun to my ungainly legs, tripping over myself and staggering around. I blinked constantly then focused ahead and felt my ears grow hot. The whole herd had lifted their heads to stare at me, their eyes twinkling in amuzement. I looked down at my hooves, then cantered over to the shadow that lay down beside Rain.
I felt terrible. I could barely stand I was so tired, but I was regretting letting myself fall so easily as prey to sleep. Spirit had taken watch all through the night, only resting when dawn's milky light had spilled into the valley. I sniffed at the dry grass and then looked at Rain, but from the look in her eyes, I knew she had no milk for me. Today I'd proove myself. I'd find water for the herd. And I wasn't going to stop until I did.

The End

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