Spirit 2: Chapter One

I was born to be wild, to feel the wind in my mane and in my lungs. For the hot sun to sting my eyes and to warm my back. For me to be free.
I run like lightening over the plains, and inside I wont give up. Rain was still ahead of me, galloping strongly, but my long and ungainly foal legs were harder to move without tripping over myself. My father is at the head of the herd, his tail extending like a brown wing from behind. I whinnied and sped up, wanting to look as strong and mighty as he.
My name is Storm and I am a foal of the Cimarron herd. My pelt is like a maple leaf, brown in all kinds of shades. I seem like my mother's shadow in the deep of night, but I could be a pale ghost in the moonlight. I have the heart of a fighter, and Spirit told me that he believed that I would be the next mustang stallion to lead the herd. And that is the fire that fuels me on.
The wild west is only for those tough enough to brave its seasons, and the true western weather. At times it is hot until the sand sticks to your hooves and your wet with your own sweat. On other occasions, rain hails down thick and rattles the gorse free of the yellow flowers that tip its spiky branches. My first few weeks alive have tested my ability to thrive, and I have coped through thick and thin. Now I am ready for whatever nature has to throw at me.
The constant pound of unshod hooves on the hard soil slowly eased in my ears. I slowed into a soft canter and loped towards Rain and came up beside her, flaring my nostrils at the dust that whirled around us. I nuzzled her side, signalling that I was ducking beneath her for a suckle, but she was preoccupied on Spirit, who was calling attention of all of his horses.
I licked the foamy milk from the lips and swung my head to listen. Rain's tail had stopped flicking gently.
"Kiger mustangs of the Cimarron herd!" Spirit neighed, standing tall and proud before them. His long mane drooped down his golden neck. "The river this year is not where we all remember. This fresh water area has surcumbed to the heat. We must travel on, and find the salmon river if we are to survive."
Rain took a step back, and I squealed in alarm and shot from under her. The piebald mare had fear in her eyes. "But there are bears at the salmon river!"
I blinked and wondered what she was talking about. Surely my father wasn't scared of anything.
He pawed the ground with his forehoof. "It is true. We will face the danger of grizzlies, but is it as bad as lions and dehydration here?"
Rain dipped her head, with no more to say. I trotted up to her and licked her forelock. She gazed at me with fair blue eyes.
"It is okay my son, I will protect you."
The fear that flooded her gaze passed down into me, but I didn't show it. I was a colt of the Cimarron, of the wild west, and like always I was ready for whatever nature had to throw at me.

The End

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