Spirit Sense: Death's True Love Part Three

Renee was alone. She was in the Pierce house. All the furnature was gone. The house was empty and covered in dust. The house seemed to be crying out. Renee felt like someone had stabbed her with all the sadness in this house. She walked forwards, looking for  whatever had brought her here. Renee walked past the French doors leading to the balcony. There was a strong gust of wind and the doors flew open. Renee turned around and watched doors. A woman appeared out of the wind. She was tall and slim, with long, wavy, blonde hair that parted near the middle. She had heartbreaking blue eyes, filled with tears. She was wearing a pretty red dress that fell to her knees and small black heels.
Renee looked at the woman. "You're Vanessa."
It wasn't a question, a statement. Renee wasn't sure how she knew, but she did.
Vanessa nodded. "Can you help me? My death wasn't all that it seems."
Renee looked down, overcome by despair beaming from Vanessa. "What happened during your death?"
Vanessa shuddered. "Scott was an alcoholic, and he was going to leave me for another woman. I begged him not to, and then he beat me to death."
Renee looked up, tears forming in her own eyes. "Vanessa, my sister and I will do everything we can to bring what really happened into the light."
Vanessa tilted her head. "Your sister?"
Renee nodded. "The girl you called out to yesterday."
Vanessa's face brightened up for a second. "But if she heard me and you're here, then that means that you have senses beyond the usual five."
Renee nodded. "We both have the sixth sense, and I have visions and dreams, Elizabeth can talk to and see ghosts."
Vanessa smiled, revealing how beautiful she was. "Then this should be easy for you! There are many tales to this story, I'm afraid. And you'll have to go all over so I can finally rest."
Renee nodded. "We will, Vanessa. I promise we will."
Vanessa smiled again and reached out towards Renee. "Come. Your sister is trying to wake you up."
Renee reached back and grabbed Vanessa's hand. There was a flash of white light and the house was gone. Renee woke to feel Elizabeth shaking her.
"Wake up! Renee, wake up! It's just a dream!"
Renee opened her eyes and looked at Elizabeth. "I had a dream."
Elizabeth sat back down. "Really, Renee? I would've never guessed! You were crying and shaking. What was this dream about?"
Renee sat up. "Vanessa. She pulled me into her house and was talking to me." Renee looked at Elizabeth. "She's beautiful, Liz. Vanessa's beautiful, I don't see how her husband could even think about looking at other girls with her for a wife." Renee shook her head. "Oh well, that's not the point. The point is she was murdered. Her husband beat her to death and she can't pass on until the world knows and justice is done."
Elizabeth nodded. "I kind of thought it was something along those lines. So we're going to help her?"
Renee nodded. "We're going to help her."

The End

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