Spirit Sense: Death's True Love Part Two

After every box had been brought into the house, Renee and Elizabeth started unpacking. There was bubble wrap and newspaper everywhere. Elizabeth was standing on a chair, putting a red vase on top of the cabinets. All of a sudden, her eyes opened wide and the vase dropped from her hand and shattered on the floor. Renee looked up.
Elizabeth gasped and looked at Renee. "Vanessa's real, and she needs her help."
Renee threw the newspaper and bubble wrap off her lap, jumped up, and ran to Elizabeth.
Renee stopped at the glass, not wanting to get cut. "Elizabeth, what do you mean Vanessa's real?"
Elizabeth blinked quickly and breathed deeply, trying to slow her heart rate. "She just called out saying she needed help."
Renee looked away. "Well, I know what we need to do."
Elizabeth nodded. "We've got to help her, Ren. She was so sad."
Renee nodded. "I'm sure she was. And we'll help her, but not tonight. It's too late to help her now."
Elizabeth nodded.
"Liz, can you get down or do I need to get the broom?"
Elizabeth looked at the shattered glass. "Broom."
Renee grabbed the broom and started sweeping. "You know, I wonder if Vanessa tried reaching out to everyone else that's come here. Maybe that's why everyone's scared to come here. It's Vanessa reaching for help, but most people don't understand the call."
Elizabeth nodded. "I think you're right. She was just so sad."
Renee nodded and swept the glass into the blue dustpan. "And we will help her. But it's too late to do anything tonight."
Elizabeth nodded as she got down from the chair. "So bedtime?"
Renee nodded. "Yeah. I unpacked the sheets, but I don't know if you'd feel safer if we were in the same room."
Elizabeth nodded. "Let's sleep in the living room. I'll feel safer there tonight."
Renee nodded and grabbed sheets and blankets from against the wall as Elizabeth cleared a spot on the floor. They laid out the blankets and Renee grabbed some pillows. Elizabeth found some candles and matches and set them around the room. With the lights turned off and candle light everywhere, Elizabeth was starting to feel better.
Renee laid down and propped her head up on her hand. "So what exactly did you hear?"
Elizabeth took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "She said if there's anyone that can hear this, please help me. I can't pass on until everyone knows the truth." Elizabeth opened her eyes, tears gathering at the corners. "Ren, we've got to help her."
Renee nodded, used to her sister's emotions whenever a ghost called out. "And we will. But tonight, we rest. We can't help Vanessa if we're half asleep."
Elizabeth nodded and she laid down. "G'night, Renee."
"Night, Liz."

The End

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