Spirit Sense: Death's True Love

Elizabeth and Renee are twins that have a big secret. They can see ghosts. And on top of that, Elizabeth can communicate with ghost as easily as she can with a person. Renee has visions and dreams. At seventeen, the girls are living on their own because their parents kicked them out, thinking the girls were crazy. Now Renee and Elizabeth bought the house next door to one with a ghost. A ghost that can't pass on because her death wasn't as it seemed.

Renee and Elizabeth were sitting on the wall, their feet dangling in the lagoon. The small waves beat against the barnacle coated wood, a steady, soothing rythm. Seagulls perched on the tall stumps, remains of a private dock eaten by Hurricane Ivan five years ago.
Renee kicked high, spraying water in the air. "We should go do something."
Elizabeth leaned back, enjoying the warm sunshine. "Like what?"
Renee shaded her eyes and looked around. "I don't know, but something. Anything other than sitting here and doing nothing."
Elizabeth laughed. "We could go swimming."
Renee looked at the water. "I don't know, maybe."
Elizabeth pushed Renee. "You said you wanted to do something. And that's something."
Renee shook her head. "Pick something else."
Elizabeth smiled, a mischevious glint in her eyes. "We could always go unpack."
Renee groaned. "Why? That's no fun and too much energy!"
Elizabeth swung her legs up on the wall, water pooling at her feet. "Come on, Ren. We need to go ahead and do it, I don't want to be up all night doing it."
With another theatrical groan, Renee slowly got up and both girls walked to the moving truck by the beachhouse. Renee and Elizabeth were twins, but they looked nothing alike. Both girls were tall, and that was where the resemblance ended. Elizabeth had wavy brown hair that fell a little past her shoulders. Her eyes were the color of a blue sky on a summer day. Elizabeth was big boned, but still curved. She was wearing her favorite pair of denim shorts and a blue and pink tie-dye t-shirt. Renee had long red, straght hair that fell past her shoulder blades. Renee was a recovering anorexic, and she was still extremely skinny, yet still retained her natural curves. Her eyes were golden-brown and turned gold whenever she was mad. Renee was wearing a pair of faded denim shorts, a light grey guitar burn out shirt, and a dark green anklet. Renee ran her hand through her hair as she and her sister walked to the moving van.
Elizabeth opened the back. "Okay Renee, let's get started."
Renee hopped up in the truck and grabbed a large box labled "kitchen." She jumped out of the van and started walking up the stairs to their new house. She passed Elizabeth on the way back down. Renee smiled at her sister and went down to grab another box. When she got back down to the van, there was a man watching the house next to them. Renee watched him, standing a few feet behing him. He was Indian, with long black hair and a single braid. He was wearing a plaid shirt and black shorts. Elizabeth came up behind Renee and touched her on the shoulder. Renee didn't turn around, but pointed at the man watching the house next door. Together, both girls walked down the stairs.
"Can we help you with something?"
The man turned and looked at Elizabeth. "I just think you're brave for living this close to the Pierce house."
Renee stood beside her sister. "What?"
The man laughed. "The Pierce house. Hasn't anyone told you? It's haunted. There was a couple that lived there, Vanessa Pierce and her husband, Scott. On the night of their third anneversary, Scott told Vanessa he didn't love her no more and left her for another woman, his coworker, a young brunnette named Carrie. Vanessa was so messed up after he left that she drank away the pain and then fell off the balcony. Her ghost still haunts their house. Every seventh of July, her ghost stands out there on that balcony, cryin' over the loss of her man. And Vanessa don't like new folks. She's run off everyone that's even so much as looked at any house 'round here. You're the first people to live here since since 1990." The man laughed. "Good luck with Vanessa. Hope she don't run you off, too."
"Thanks for the warning." Renee stood with her hand on her bony hip.
The man nodded. "No problem." He turned and walked off with one final laugh.
Elizabeth looked at Renee. "What was that about?"
Renee shrugged. "Liz, we came Gulf Shores to get away from our 'gifts,' not have them go haywire."
Elizabeth nodded. "I know, Ren. But maybe it's all just a legend and the ghost is a hoax."
Renee laughed. "I hope you're right. I really don't want anymore visions for awhile. I mean our 'gifts' are the reason mom and dad kicked us out. Said we were crazy."
Elizabeth grabbed another box. "And you think I want to see more ghosts? There were enough around our old house, I don't want to see or sense any more of them. Sometimes I think these 'gifts' are more like curses."
Renee nodded and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. "I totally agree. I just hope that Vanessa Pierce is a hoax."
Elizabeth walked up the stairs with another box. With a final glance towards the Pierce home, Renee grabbed another box and brought it up the the house.

The End

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