Chapter Four- Calm

           The battles were distant, but the fear was not. Lord Grippar of the east was advancing faster than anyone had expected. Only weeks later, the eager volunteers would come stumbling home on an injury or carried lifeless on the back of a friend. There was sadness too. Aluitte's father had hoped the war would not touch his quiet little home, but the war was noticeably present there as well. From high demands to the loss of friends, the war touched everything. If the smoke from the battles could not be seen, then the cries of sorrow could still be heard.

            Aluitte and her father carried on with their duties as normal. Her father did not try to shelter her, but instead tried to make her as genuinely happy as possible. Sure, times were tough, but that meant they could enjoy their somewhat carefree life all the more. Aluitte's father was right. Being a man at the farm was a far greater decision than being one at war.

            For a while it seemed like the carnage of war could not touch them.

The End

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