The interveiw

We were all interveiwed, in pairs, because there were thirty five of us including the teacher that saw it happen- it was not something that I wanted to see again!

I was interveiwed with Morgan in a music practice room. Our interveiwer asked us to descride in the best detail possable what happened to Sharlet.

Before  Morgan could get one word out to start answering my legs had this urge to go under my chair further than they could normaly go... my head wanted to bend backwards... my eyes started to turn into the back of my head, making my vision go black. It was happening all rather slowly... my thinking was going... something wasn't right... Then it hit me as I was trying to regain my thinking, this is what happened to Sharlet! I must not let this happen to me! I grabbed ahold of Morgan's arm in a tight death grip- I wasn't letting go, I wasn't giving in! I tried to pull my self out of the bakwards pulling force... but it was too late... my vision had completely gone my foot was caught on the chair leg... my hearing was gone, or had gone a while back, I could not tell... my fingers were sliping... my neck was bending so far back it was suffocating me... I knew I only had seconds to live...

The End

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