The toilets

It was lunch time me and my friends Shona, Morvey and Clair were sitting at our favourite table in the canteen. It was then that we heard the news.

The first thing we heard was a very loud high pitched scream. It came from the girls bathroom. From across the hall to where we were sitting you could hear it, so you knew it wasn't just a mascara distster. A few other girls went to find out what had happened as well as a teacher.

It was about a minute later that one of the girls exited and that's when the gossip spread. Hollie came over and said that two of the girls had fainted including the one that screamed, none of them we knew. She also said that the reason for the screaming and the fainting was because someone had been murdered!

Around about that time the canteen was hysyirics, everyone telling everyone what had happened, people going to the office asking to go home, phoning their friends,telling them what happened and so on. I on the other had wanted to know how when and who about the murder.

The only information that I could find was that she was bent backwards, her feet against her back, her hands on her knees and her head broken backwards, toching her shoes. Such an unaterial position that she couldn't have done it herself so it must have been murder. The only other information I could get that we're allowed to go home and no one is allowed near the girls bathroom.

The End

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