*Chapter 2*

*Chapter 2*

          ”GIRLS!” Mom yelled up the stairs.

          *Groan “No… Sleep…” I mumbled. I heard the door slam open.

          “Get Up! If you aren’t ready in fifteen minutes, I’m leaving for the benefit without you!” Mom left the room and turned the lights on her way out.

          My eyes shot open. ”Oh My God, fifteen minutes!!” I yelled.

          After I yelled, Erin’s slightly opened. “What..?” she said sleepily as she turned, lost her balance and fell off her bed. It was quiet for five seconds before we both burst out laughing.

          “Okay… Okay… Few… settle down.” I said to myself as I tried not to laugh. I turned to Erin and said, ”You take a shower upstairs I’ll take one down stairs, go, Go, GO!”

          So, I tried to take a really quick shower, got dressed, and looked in the mirror. I was in my favorite sun dress with some flip-flops. My light brown hair was brushed and covering up my shoulders. My white dress made my skin look even tanner than it is. The red flowers on my dress brought out my green eyes. This brought my eyes to my birthmark, a dark spiral under the corner of my eye. Dang it I thought to myself I don’t have enough time to cover it up. I got to Mom’s van and Erin was already there.

          “Melanie! You didn’t cover up your birthmark! I wish you’d leave it uncovered all the time. It’s so pretty.” Erin said.

          “Ha-ha, whatever, when you get made fun of in elementary school for having a birthmark in the shape of a spiral under your eye it isn’t exactly pretty, it’s not even natural. It’s freaky and weird.” I said stubbornly.

          “I think it’s beautiful” said a deep voice in the seat behind me.

          “Umm… there’s someone behind me” I said without turning around.

“Yes, Yes there is.” said the voice. Wait a second, I thought I know that voice it’s-

I turned around and saw Greyson staring at me with his deep aqua blue eyes. “Oh my god Greyson!” I squealed as I awkwardly hugged his head with shaggy dirty blond hair. I pulled away from him. Gee he’s tan, I thought almost as tan as me. “Wait how did you get in here… that’s creepy.”

“Well I-“Greyson started but Mom stopped him.

“Well first of all, Melanie, why didn’t you tell me you had yourself a little boyfriend?” Mom asked.

“We just started dating yesterday so…” I said. Why did she have to ask such an embarrassing question, now I’m blushing.

“Oh, anyhow, Greyson found the home phone number in the phone book, called me and asked to car pool. So, when you girls were taking showers, I picked him up.”

“Oh… yay.” I said NOT enthusiastically. 

“What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy I’m here.” Greyson said.

“I am! It’s just… I didn’t want you to see me like this” I said gesturing to my face. “I was going to do my make-up and hair at the benefit so you wouldn’t have to see me li-“

“Shh” he said cutting me off. “You look beautiful now, you don’t need make-up.”

I bushed and turned around to face the right way to see Erin and Mom staring at us smiling.

“What are you two looking at” I said bitterly. Erin put a smirk on her face and went back to texting. Mom looked away embarrassed and started the car. 

The End

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