*Chapter 1*

Melanie is your every day fourteen year old on her way to high school. She has the best best friend ever and an amazing boyfriend but going to one clinic, where she meets to mysterious people changes her life to some thing she never thought existed.

*Chapter 1*

          “No. Way.”

          “Heh, ya…”

“You’re kidding me.”


          “When did you… but he…  I didn’t know you guys had even talked before.”

          “We have…”

          “You and Grayson Miller dating, heh, that’s just a little crazy. You know his sisters are kind of the most popular girls to ever walk the halls in the High School, right? Oh, yeah! Hhmm… high school that reminds me… HE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!”

          “Yup, well we’re gonna be in high school soon so it’s not a big deal. “ 

          “Don’t remind me”

          “Melanie! Erin! Go to sleep! If you don’t wake up on time tomorrow, we’ll be late for the benefit!” Yelled my oh so wonderful mother (just kidding with the sarcasm, she’s a real good mom, just annoying).  “Okay Mom!” we yelled together.

          Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Melanie Catori. I am 14, I have severe asthma so I carry my inhaler everywhere. My mom says I inherited asthma from my dad but, I never knew him. You see, my dad got my mom pregnant her freshman year (so she’s 28), but then he disappeared, nice right? My mom is one fourth Native American so she has black wavy hair, is very tan, and has brown eyes. I did some research (don’t know if it’s true) but If you’re native American you either get brown eyes or vibrant green eyes with an orange/yellow “sun” in the middle. I guess my mom got one and I got the other.

 My best friend Erin Nelson, whom is the same age as me, is practically my sister. Erin has strawberry-blonde hair with dull gray eyes and is super pale. Erin also lives with me because her parents were abusive so my mom took her in, which changed her name to Erin Nelson-Catori. Now we’re inseparable, according to our friends, she’s the “hot, not so bright red head” and I’m the “beautiful, blonde, native American mutt’. We both start our first day of high school next Monday… today is Friday. Crap. Well there is a bright side, I, Melanie Mae Catori, am dating the hottest boy in our school that is two years older than me, Grayson Miller.  

“Melanie, get your crap off my bed.” Erin said.

“Okay I WI... hey, do you here my phone”

“Yes it’s ON MY BED!”

“Oh... heh….” I said as Erin whipped my phone at me (she plays softball). “Ow!” I said as I picked my phone up off of the floor.

“Hello?” I said as I answered my phone.

“Hey it’s Autumn, I’m calling from the hospital. Are guys you going to the benefit tomorrow morning? I sent you the invite but I don’t know if” *cough “it made it.” My friend Autumn said weakly over the phone.

“Yeah, of course we are.”

Autumn Hoke is one of Erin and I’s closest friends. She was diagnosed with stage two leukemia last winter. She was one of the prettiest, most athletic girls I know. She had bouncy golden curls, bright blue alert eyes, and peach pink skin. Every guy in the school wanted to have her and every girl in the school wanted to be her, but after the chemo, she got weak. Autumn lost all her hair, her eyes got drowsy and dull, she couldn’t play sports and her perfect skin turned pale, too pale. She is so frail and small now the sight of her brings tears to my eyes.

“Are you gonna be there?” I asked.

“No I have therapy, wish I could”

“Don’t worry, I’ll convince people to donate their child’s college fund for you.”

“heh … heh…” *cough *cough”Hey doctor says I have to get my sleep. Night, love you.”

“Love y-” *click

“Who was that?” asked Erin “was it-“

“Yeah” I cut her off “it was Autumn.” Erin looked upset, now that I thought about it, I was too. I hugged Erin.

“I hope she gets better” said Erin.

 “Ya, me too.” I said and I swore I felt a tear drop hit my shoulder. I threw my stuff off Erin’s bed, turned off the light and went to sleep.           

The End

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