Punishment Without Trial

A loud siren vibrated through out the perimeter of the Lido clan, people stopped in their tracks and stood there, looking at the direction where the sound was heard. It was a signal that a man was lost, having gone through some dangerous test that they had to accomplish in the training facility. It has been mandatory for the solders to complete perilous tasks to show that they were worthy and loyal to their clan and qualified for any upcoming war with the other clans.

Many miles away, Sandra could hear the faint noise of the siren. Sometimes she wondered why Kassia and Rayan ever wanted to live so far away from the other people. But she did not bother herself too much because she was glad that she did not have to face them every day. The downside was that she had to walk down there on foot to get groceries or had the urge to play an instrument in the music department at the center of the village. Despite all that, whenever she heard the sirens of a lost soldier, she could not help but wish it were not the man that took her in when she was injured from Desmond.

Sandra's heart was pounding like a jackhammer. She looked at the direction of the village. Rayan's figure emerged from the far distance, running towards the house. Sandra was in agony, so she ran to Ryan as fast as she could. She also noticed a mist of people following him from behind.

"Sandra!" Rayan cried out to her, moving his hands awkwardly in the air. "Run!"

"What?" Sandra stopped where she was.

Human voices surfaced from the large crowd at the back. Rayan could not make it in time, when the guards passed him and made way to run up to Sandra. They grabbed her forcefully and said, "Sandra, you are to follow us to the dungeons. If you try to resist, we will have to use force, which I would not have a problem using on your pretty little face," one of the guards said, spitting with antipathy. 

The crowd started routing on "Punish her! Punish her!" as they passed through them. 

The End

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