It was a long day for everyone. Although Sandra had daily nightmares, something made Kassia and Rayan extremely concerned. It was the first time they remained quiet with a brooding expression on their countenance. Sandra, on the other hand, could not snap out of the images people called dreams. It was so vivid, she could not let herself relive that. For that reason, she tried to stay awake, not considering the exhaustion she felt.

It has been many years that she was attacked by Desmond, but her body could not heal her wounds as quickly since she had no contact with the wind. The Lido clan had constructed a barrier that extracted any hint of wind from coming in. Keeping in mind that the Lido clan did it to avoid anything that reminded them of the Zephyr clan, they also made the barriers because the wind disrupted their vision. 

As a result, the only thing Sandra did in her free time was to listen and play music and practice using her abilities as a half Lido so as to develop her skills when no one was watching. It was a curse to see a  woman bear the power of a male soldier. The new generation did not believe this superstition, but they had to listen to their superiors.

Luckily, once Kassia and Rayan left her to go do their duties, Sandra went outside to practice a little more. She tried to take her thoughts away from the dream, but for some reason Cronos was the only thing that lingered in her mind. She swirled the scattered particles of sand in the air with a small movement of her finger as if wind was actually present and then turned it into a sold object of a captured hurricane, later letting it fall down onto the ground. In in the end, it reminded her of the goal she had set herself to get revenge from Desmond. 

"Maybe the dream is trying to tell me I should start pursuing my goal. But the thing is how can I do it if I have not recovered completely?"

The End

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