One of Many Nightmares

Sandra was back in her childhood home. The place was empty. Not a slight sound of the wind outside being present, and the place was covered in a fog of sand. This time, Cronos was nowhere in sight. She could feel that he was extracted from her.


Sandra rapidly ran up to the door and opened it to go outside. Blood was everywhere. With the help of her vision as a half Zephyr and Half Lido she could see everything with clarity. 

There were two bodies lying down from a distance. Sandra ran up to them to see who they were. Once she reached them, a putrid smell came up to surface. And the bodies made Sandra scream in great grief and agony.



"Sandra, wake up." 

Sandra opened her eyes so wide, it gave Kassia a fright. She immediately hugged her. From the entrance of her room she spotted Rayan looking at her halfheartedly.

"It's okay child, it was only a nightmare."

Tears slid down Sandra's cheek, letting out gasps of sadness she could not express in any other way without her voice.

The End

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