Karria and Rayan continued talking while the three of them headed to the market. As usual, Sandra was not in any of their conversation since they could not hear her. When she was alone with Karria, she let her do the talking and Sandra just looked at her and made faces in which Karria could comprehend that she was listening and trying to express her opinion.

"So, anything new around here? The Lido clan has a reputation in keeping everything the same, making this godforsaken place more boring than going to war." Rayan said.

"Keep quiet. If anyone hears the words that are coming out of your mouth, they will definitely send you to prison, or even give you a death sentence if they are in a bad mood."

"At some point I agree to that than being someone who has no life after the war."

"Rayan, let's not start this conversation already. You just came back. Why don't we just cherish the moments that we have now, before you leave us again."

"Sure." Rayan replied, intimidated. They were a few meters away from the market and they he did not want to be heard by the civilians. As much as he wanted to express his opinion, he feared how they will react. For that reason, he turned his attention to Sandra so as to not show the aggravation he had towards his sister.

"Sandra, why don't we go and get the other supplies that Karria wants?

"Sure," Sandra replied with joy, nodding her head at the same time.

"Well then, let's go!" he said pleasantly, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the opposite direction from where Karria was going.


"Bless the Lido clan! We got away." Rayan said in relief, taking a huge gasp of air.

Sandra just stared at him, more confused than ever. Wasn't he training at the facility? Why is he so exhausted after a small run? Sandra asked herself.

"I don't want you to tell Karria about this." Rayan shifted his face to look at Sandra.

Sandra kept her expression. "Tell her about what?"

He answered her as if he heard the words were being said out loud. "I didn't say the truth to Karria. We didn't finish the training early, I was forced to come back. You see... I was injured very badly." -- he lifted his shirt to show Sandra what he meant, a huge scar running down his chest, -- "The captain says that he wants a full recovery before I start training again. Let's hope that is soon. I don't want Karria to find out, and I don't think she will because I am recovering rather fast. Those damn Zephyrs! They will pay for what they did to our clan."

Sandra just stared. That comment haunted her every day ever since Rayan had started saying it. If he were to find out that she was half Zephyr, she would never know how to explain it to him. She did not want him to hate her or make him feel that she betrayed him in any way. But then again, she also understood how he felt about the Zephyr clan. She felt the same way about the man who called himself Desmond. If there was another chance she saw him, she will definitely kill him with her own bare hands.

"Rayan!" yelled a female voice from afar, breaking the awkward silence between them.

"Hey, Ivy." Rayan replied, stumbling as he walked up to her with a gleaming smile.

"When did you come back?"

"Oh, a man never tells." 

"You are so mean, you should have told me sooner."

"I'm sorry. What should I do now to make it up for you?" he stared at her, his flirtatious expression looking intensely at her.

Ivy returned the expression and said, "You know what to do?"

Sandra was repulsed by both of them. How could he do that to her; Ivy was her mortal enemy and he was kissing her. Ivy gave Sandra a smirk as she kissed Rayan, and shifted her head away.

Sandra just ran away, crying herself back home. Rayan and Ivy did not even notice that she left.

The End

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