"Ah!" A male voice came from behind. 

Sandra jumped from her position, spinning around the moment she was still in the air. She was dominated with shock, but a large smile covered her face once she took a good look at the person. She quickly embraced him with joy.

"Hey Sandra. Did you miss me? Where is Kassia, has she gone to the market already? I thought I could surprise her."

Sandra let go and shook her head in front of him so she could make him understand. She quickly grabbed his hand in hers and pulled him to follow her. Opening the door to the main house, Kassia was startled on the other side just as she was also about to open the door.

"Rayan!" Kassia exclaimed.

"Hey, sister." Giving her a quick hug.

"When did you come back? I thought you were not to come until next month."

"Yeah. That was the plan, but something came up."

"Don't tell me. It's classified information."

"Like always."

"Well, don't just stand there, come in. Do you want anything to eat, or do you want to come with us to do some grocery shopping?"

"Sure, I'll come. I'd like to see the people I protect and serve." Rayan said, mockingly.

"Is that what we call it now?" Kassia replied, understanding Rayan's implication.

Sandra on the other hand also got it and was upset by that remark. She concealed herself to not show any emotion. She did not want either of them to notice. Especially Rayan. Before he went to the Lido clan training facility, he had shown a lot of interest in her. They even had a normal relationship, after he broke up with his girlfriend. But now, Sandra was confused. "What happened?" She asked herself. 

The End

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