Ten Years Later

It had been years that Aaeria had seen the furious wind pass the air in the atmosphere. She was getting nostalgic after the absence of her natural habitat; her home. But one thing lingered in her mind, time and time again -- her family. 

From childhood she was without parents. From what her brother and sister used to say, their father died in the Clash war and her mother died during her birth. The only family she had left was her brother, sister and her grandmother. Aaeria never had much time with her grandmother on the grounds that she had an important role in the clans medical department. And when her brother turned fifteen, he started to have the same routine. In the end, she only had her sister to take care of her, and Cronos who was her fasset el 'afreet (dragon spirit). 

Of course, that all changed after the incident. Now, she wondered what had happened to them. Did the man Desmond slaughter them as well, or did they just forget about her altogether. The only thing she knew was that once Desmond attacked her, he managed to rip her fasset el 'afreet out of her and left her to die slowly from the fatal wound he inflicted on her. Luckily, there was a passer-by and found her in her state and took her in. The only bad thing was that Aaeria lost her voice and soon found out that the people who were taking care of her were actually from the Lido clan. 

Although it frightened her that they might find out her true identity, she stayed there and was given the name Sandra due to her silent communication.

"Good morning, Sandra. It's a beautiful day today. Why don't we go for a walk to the market?" said a woman, slightly older than Aaeria. She had a pair of hazel-brown eyes, the kind only a Lido can have -- except for Aaeria who was part Lido and part Zephyr -- and sandy brown hair.

Her name was Kassia. She was "Sandras" new mother, and she was very kind to her, in contrast to the other civilians in the area, which indicates how difficult life had been for Sandra throughout the ten years she had lived there -- and still was.

"Sure, no problem Kassia. I'll be right there. I only need five minutes." Sandra said. Of course, Kassia couldn't  hear what Sandra was saying because she never had the ability to hear high wind frequency; a dexterity Sandra developed whilst she stayed back at her old isolated house. She had learnt the power from her brother, as if he knew that she would need it some day like now, even though the people she was surrounded with couldn't hear her.

After Sandra attempted to speak to Kassia she got out of bed and quickly put on her clothes. Later, she wore her shoes and exited from the bedroom door to the outside terrain. She rarely made her bed because no one ever entered her room. Sometimes when people disliked her too much and said that if they entered her room they will be cursed, it really had its perks.  However, when she took one step out her room she stopped mid-way noticing that something in the air was peculiar. A cold shiver ran down her spine.

Something wasn't right.

The End

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