Where It All Began Part III

Cronos stood his ground, trying to protect Aaeria with his tail before he could get in front of her.

The man just stood there and watched, observing what was going on without moving an inch from the moment he spoke. His bark-coloured faux leather clothing had slightly creased and folded from the wind’s raging air, filling them with sand as they scraped him from top to bottom.

Aaeria, with her hand clutched to the gadget she was playing with, was terrified. She had never confronted a man so devious with eyes that looked as if they were lusting for blood. The man froze her to the ground she stood on, staying as stiff and still like he was controlling her body from the distance they had between themselves.

But that all changed in a split second.

The man gracefully lifted his right foot and swiftly moved from one side to another. It was very difficult for his opponents to see his steps. His figure was just a blurry image that blended with the drift of the wind, helping him to trash a hard blow towards Aaeria.

Immediately, Cronos concealed her, not letting anything enter his sturdy, dust-devilled scales. Aaeria, on the other hand, could see everything that was going on -- considering her abilities as a mixed blood -- and managed to snap out of her state of shock. Now, she was trying to follow that man’s movements, to see if there was a way to go back to the safety of her home – which was a few meters away. If only she could get there in time and get Cronos to hold in there, she could save them both.

Many people would wonder what can a isolated house can do for them? But the answer is rather simple.

Although Aaeria’s house was the only one standing in the middle of an area where it always had sandstorms, the house had many unique secrets that could divert a stranger’s instincts and trick their sense of direction. But the only way she could achieve it was to understand how that man shifted from place to place to set her own plan in action.

“You fools will have to give up. There is no way you could defeat me. I am too powerful for an infant, and an old dragon such as you!” he retorted.

“I will never give in to a man like you, Desmond. Especially, if it is to protect my master,” Cronos replied, grunting as he tried. He finally spread his wings, striving to keep Desmond away from Aaeria. Once Cronos accomplished that, he flew up to strike him with powerful force.

Unfortunately, his attempt was not as successful as he planned.

Just as Cronos thrashed at him, Desmond elegantly dodged his attack and briskly charged at Aaeria’s direction.

The compact was so strong, that a large light dominated the entire area of the land, scattering sand around more fast than anything else seen by the human eye.

“You stupid fool. I was never interested in the girl, but yours truly.”

The End

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