Where It All Began Part II

"So? Can I play with the device now?" Aaeria asked when the door slammed shut.

Galaxia disappeared through the door from which she was leaning on, taking quite a while before she reappeared again to the main room of the house. This time she was dressed differently. She wore a dress that Aaeria had never seen before, not even in Galaxias wardrobe, where she plays dress-ups with. Galaxia was also holding the device in her hand and gave it to Aaeria as she walked passed her.

Aaeria examined it for a while.

"What kind of device is this? Did it make you win the war?"

"It made me survive." Galaxia answered abruptly, trying to find a cloth that was stacked in between some clothing at the corner of the room. She barely looked at Aaeria and made her way to the other side of the room to grab some airtight goggles.

"Does it still work?"

"No! Can you just play with the tool and leave me alone? Sheesh, you are so annoying." Once Galaxia was ready, she trudged her feet to the exit door.

"Ok! I won't ask any questions. Can you at least stay home this time? I don't want to be alone. You promised." Aaeria's complexion was covered with concern.

"Well, something happened and I have to go."

"Then why did you say you were going to take care of me if you're not going to do it in the end?"

"It's not like I'm not going to come back. I'll be right back, you little rugrat. Why don't you grow up?" Galaxia yelled, opening the door rapidly and slamming it shut once she left. A forceful wind came into the house letting sand cover the room's floors and hitting Aaeria's eyes. Although, it did scrape her, she did not blink. Not just one bit. Being born with the ability of both clans (sand and air), she did not have problems with the sandstorm that surrounded most of the land outside their house. But it also left her isolated by the captain of the air clan -- also known as the zephyr clan -- and his followers. Seeing her reminded them of the Clash war between the two clans -- lido and zephyr -- and that was why their house was stranded in the middle of nowhere, away from everything else. 

Judging from the many complaints that Galaxia had made in the past and was still gradually mentioning when she had the chance -- when their brother was not around -- Aaeria thought that her own sister hated her as well. With that in mind, Aaeria did not insist much further with their conversation and stared at the door where her sister had left from.

"Bye-bye, sister." The little girl's voice descended as she said it.

"You shouldn't worry child. You have me to take care of you." A dragon spirit appeared in Aaeria's conscious.

"Cronos, your the best. So, what are we going to do today?"

"Let's play outside for a while. I need to spread my wings a little."

"Sure." Aaeria jumped with joy, taking the device with her and walking out of the house without hesitation. The sand didn't irritate her like all the other people she knew. She did not even bother to wear her own goggles, but walked outside like it was a normal day.

 Once she found her favorite spot, she sat down and fiddled with the object, trying to see if there was a way to fix it. Suddenly, a gush of wind emerged from her body and formed into a shape of a dragon ten times bigger than Aaeria herself. Cronos Spread his wings wide, making his size double as he did, and then moved closer to Aaeria's side.

Once Aaeria gave up on finding a way to fix the device, she let out a depressing sigh.

"Hey, Cronos, you know how we had followed Galaxia once to see where she went every time she left the house and saw her with that man?"

"Yes, what about him?"

"Why doesn't she want me to tell our brother?"

"You are too young to understand." 

Aaeria moved her lips to say something, but stopped before she had the chance to say it. Being capable to use both air and sand elements she noticed that there was a slight change in the wind. Cronos picked it up as well, but before he could react to protect Aaeria a man's voice could be heard in the howling screams of the sandstorm.

"Yes, too young indeed," he said with a satanic grin passing his visage.

The End

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