Where It All Began Part I

"Brother, why do you have to go? Can't I come with you?" a little girl pleaded.

"No, princess. You are not ready for these missions." He placed the palm of his hand on the little girl's head.

She immediately shook it off with her hand, anger overflowing throughout her body and her muscles tensing gradually.

"But, I am ready. Just yesterday I managed to defeat you on the hardest training you know. You said it yourself." She moved away, turning her back to him.

"It's not like I'm leaving you on your own, you have Galaxia to keep you company."

She turned back around, "Yeah, but I want to be with you a little while longer. I never get to see you for too long." She pouted. 

"Well, the captain won't allow a 5-year-old to a dangerous mission such as this one."

"Then you shouldn't go either. What if you die and never come back. Let the Snake Head go to this mission by himself. If he is so strong he can take care of things on his own. Anyway, I'm only 10 years younger than you, what is the big deal?"

The boy stuck out his index finger in front of the little girl,"I've told you many times to not call him like that. You know he is the one that has kept our race alive after the Clash War." 

He finally turned his attention a few paces away to a slender figure that was leaning on the doorjamb and asked in surrender, "Galaxia, can you take care of this? The captain is going to be angry at me, again. After all, he hates this place with all this sand in the air."

"Sure, have fun." Galaxia said in irony, not moving an inch from her position. Although she did not show it, she did not want him to go either, but she knew that this mission was unavoidable. That's why she turned to sarcasm to hinder her emotions. For that reason only, she avoided his gaze and turned quickly to the little girl's direction, "Come on, Aaeria. I'll let you play with the device that I used at the war."

"Okay." Aaeria, went to Galaxia with her head down, disappointed.

"See you soon, guys!" The boy said, waving his hand stiffly, giving one last look to the two females he was leaving behind. After that he disappeared in the permanent sandstorm outside their house.

The End

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