Spirit keeping.

Hmm. I haven't decided a story path for him yet.

He liked rain. In fact he loved it. Sitting in the auditorium being lectured on things he already knew. He wanted to sit in the rain with his I-Pod in. He wanted it more than Becky Thomson. They called him Scruff. Photographic memory and an incredible ability to learn set him above the rest. People thought maybe that was why he liked to do simple things.  He thought differently.

Emptying his mind was perfect. He had to empty himself unclogg all between his ears.

He wanted to Channel all around him. The rain was still going as he ran onto the flat boarding house roof.

His music serged around his head. The othside world no longer existed. Becky didnt exist neither did space or time. Just the music.

He could feel the presence of the world around him. His buddist ancestors had spent years emptying themselfs to the state of nature. He found a good blast of good music and a strong voice did just as well. There were several trees he had planted up there. They cleansed the air around him.

He could feel everything. Including the minds of the trees that looked into the girls shower room. He was a guy after all. As he searched the environment around he felt nervousness.

A young oriental girl was right next to him.

"Lia. How many times have I told you to join me not just watch?"

"To many Mark. I'm sorry."

"No matter. Water and earth are in good harmony today. They wont mind."

The girl stayed perfectly dry through the monsoon and just nodded. "It's almost time to go home"

"I know" She looked almost sad.


"I will miss my spirits here is all. So will Ritu."

The small shadow in front of her apeared. It was not a ball of water. The only way to describe it would be to say it was the ghost of a creature made of water. It was not a ghost, she is a water spirit therefore she has a body form of water. Thats me that deals with the Ghosts and things.

Ritu managed to look upset to. She was really growing for a little water spirit.

The End

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