For how long they were walking through the dense forest, none of them knew. They had lost track of time. It had to be more than 5 days, they decided.

It was silent as they walked, no one uttered a word. Akumo hummed an odd tune as they walked, and Kali was getting fed up. "Would you please stop that?" She said bitterly.

They had been sleeping on the ground and they all had been getting rather fed up with no signs that their journey was worth it. Nothing had changed in the forest. Yet something had changed in all of them...

Akumo started to get bigger, and Kali kept on hearing strange noises. Sort of like people talking to her, but every time she looked she could never catch sight of anything.

Yet when she asked Akumo and Troy about it they would say they never heard anything, and indeed, they hadn't.

Aside from Troy thinking Kali was going crazy, he kept on having strange dreams. They kept on getting longer, and longer. Seth was still in them. same room. same guy coming in. And Seth was getting more and more colour in his face.

They finally found a good place to rest. Akumo and Troy made camp while Kali sat down and looked at her nails. "Hurry up, I'm tired" Kali groaned "we would have been done by now if you helped us" Troy muttered bitterly.

And Akumo wasn't much help seeing as he didn't have hands.

When Troy finally did finish setting camp, he called Kali and Akumo over. Kali went straight to bed, while he and Akumo stayed up and talked, until Kali started snoring. Every time she snored the bushes would rustle, "creepy" Troy grumbled.

On Akumo's back he was getting three dark furred circles along what would be, his spine. The three dark circles, sort of had a pointy edge to them.

They had been eating berries on their journey. Weird blueish strawberry things that tasted like pineapple and were a lot harder than strawberries. And many other weird varieties.

After what seemed like weeks though it might have been only one week, Troy started getting REALLY moody and irritable. And Kali was very sympathetic to him, probably because that's how she was feeling for the most of the so far fruitless, journey. Yet whenever she tried to talk to him he would yell or walk away...

He seemed to be pushed to the end of his sanity. The truth was, he had never been in a forest before and he was afraid that some untamed beast would attack them and he would never be able to save Seth, and he HAD to save him! Seth was his best friend and he couldn't bear the thought of him being alone and hurt like he was.

Troy seemed to be cracking! The dreams he had been having had stopped and his stomach turned every time he thought about the cloaked figure with Seth in the dark cell, and that he had killed him! He didn't tell this to Kali or Akumo. He hadn't really talked to them at all since the dreams stopped.

After another few days Kali asked what was bothering him, again.
She wanted to talk to Troy alone so she did this when Akumo was sleeping and troy was looking into the forest.

This time was different... Troy's face started going red and a tear formed in his eye. "Are you OK" Kali said seeing the tear. Troy backed up a little. "Troy you cant be like this for ever" she said, trying to reason with him, because inside, she knew what he was going to do. Troy backed up again. "Troy, Please!" She said, a little afraid of what he was going to do. Troy backed up again. "Troy please don't!" . But it was too late, Troy ran. As fast as he could. Kali raced after him but she lost sight of him after a minute. She stopped and fell to her knees. "TROY!" she yelled one last time. But he was gone!

The End

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