The Legend and a Hidden Object

As the man disappeared he shouted out 'how do I get out of here?' he spun around in circles trying to find an exit. He saw a door at the end of the room he ran to it and jerked it open and then everything was black.

Troy awoke with something moving him back and forth.'WAKE UP' said Kali who was shaking him awake.'You were talking in your sleep' she said.

'What, where am I?' Troy asked clearly confused.

First he was in some dungeon and now he was back with Akumo and Kali, 'you where you were when you fell asleep' Kali shouted clearly annoyed at Troy.

'I had a weird dream!' said troy, and he told them everything he remembered about last night.

'Yeah okay' Kali said clearly not believing Troy, 'you are crazy,"it's true I swear' Troy said desperately trying to get Kali to believe him.

While Troy and Kali were fighting Akumo looked a little uneasy.'Yeah whatever' Kali said, 'I believe you' she said sarcastically.

Akumo still looked a little confused, like he knew something. Finally he said" Akumo thinks this reminds me about the story of the ..Great Battle..!"

'Great Battle?' said troy obviously interested.'Yeah' Akumo said happily 'it was a battle against good and evil, everyone who could fight on either side was fighting for their domain, and nobody survived. It’s a very sad story.' Akumo said all happiness gone from his voice.'The spirits of good, Antogmi and Genisoe did battle against the EVIL Drakel' Akumo said solemnly.
'Yeah okay' Kali said tired, 'I have to go to the bathroom' she said urgently.

'Well, you're ankle is broken how far can you go?' Troy asked.But she was already off the bed!

Troy jumped to catch her because he new that she would collapse, but she didn’t!'Hey it doesn't hurt' Kali said clearly surprised along with Troy and Akumo.

'What do you mean?' Troy asked disbelieving that a couple of hours ago she could not stand and now she was walking around like nothing was wrong, 'that's crazy you couldn't even walk a couple of hours ago'.'Akumo help Friends'

Akumo said jumping around the room, 'so you helped Kali?' Troy said a little confused.

'How did you do it?' Kali asked getting a little interested; she took a seat by Troy and looked at Akumo to continue.

'There is a little rhyme that I learned from my friends.'' When a journey, true, yet pain sets , the gods, their gifts they give to companion pure, the gift they give, blessing or curse is sought by few who know it, yet friends they true, will trust in you, respect it as their comrades, The gift shall grow in time!' Akumo said mysteriously!

Troy and Kali just looked at Akumo.

'Okay?' Kali asked unsure if she should be worried about the little guys health, 'do you need to lay down for a little bit' she asked in a nice voice.

'Nope Akumo is fine and ready for anything, the little creature said happily unaware of Kali's worry, Troy was standing in deep thought playing Akumo's words through his head.

''When a journey true, yet pain sets back, the gods, their gifts they give to companion pure' Troy thought, 'well we were about to go find the others, so that can count as a journey, Kali got hurt so pain, and Akumo is pure so.

'Akumo you did this?' Troy asked amazed.

'Well I think the gods have entrusted Akumo with a power, yes' Akumo replied.

'Okay I understand everything except for the part about some curse, what's that all about' Kali asked interested.

'Well I think it means that the power also brings responsibility, to use it well. I think it means if I use it wrong then I get punished or evil finds out and they go after me for it!' Akumo said in an important tone.

'So we shouldn’t stay in one place for to long' Kali said standing up.

'okay then I guessed we should go' Troy said a little nervous. 'Okay akumo will get something for our journey' Akumo said jumping out the door with Troy and Kali following him.

They followed akumo to a hut on the edge of the village. There akumo went in and they saw a hut just like akumo's but with a few more objects lying around.

Akumo Said 'stay at the door, make sure nobody see what akumo doing.' They obeyed and stood at the door, looking out at the village.

'Why do you think he went in there?' Troy asked Kali casually.

'don’t know don’t care' Kali said annoyed she had to wait outside while Akumo was inside doing whatever he was doing.They heard a loud bang behind them and spun around to see what happened.

But when they did Akumo Squealed 'TURN AROUND, you mustn’t see.' Yet Troy caught a glimpse of Akumo opening a trap door that was just big enough for troy to fit through.

As he turned around he saw Kali give him an impatient look so he avoided her eyes and looked out at the village.

'That was odd' Troy thought confused, he heard more bangs from inside the hut. As Akumo scrambled out he saw he was hiding something behind his back, but he did not dare say a word.

As they begun their journey towards the exit of the village Troy saw that the thing akumo was hiding was a bag that was a tanned colour and had a purple strap holding it shut.

'Uh. Well. I don’t really know, but my grandfather told me that he knew that the time would come when Akumo must leave home and take this with him so Akumo is.'

The End

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