The Village

It took around 2 hours for Troy and Akumo to get to the village where Akumo lived. It was so boring that Troy was sure he was going to rip all of his hair out "so, this is your village?" troy asked exhausted from the gruesome walk .

On the way there he barely talked to the little creature bouncing along beside him.

His thought kept wandering to his best Friend, Seth, was he okay, did he get hurt all the possibilities flashing in his mind, if he kept thinking about this his head was going to blow up into a million little pieces.

He turned his attention to the road and saw the little village that Akumo told him little about.It was a good sized village, there were many big green trees around the village. It was beautiful. There were little huts too small for a human family to live in but not too small for troy.

Akumo led him to a hut near the other side of the village, while walking through the village all eyes were on him. The little hut was round and made of mud and the bed was like a little nest that was the size of a large bean bag chair, with fur as its blanket.

As Troy was looking around a little creature came in " Akumo we have a human girl in the medicine hut come take a look at her" the little creature said watching Troy like he was going to tackle him any second .
Troy looked at the creature and followed it out the door with Akumo at his side.

They walked for about two minutes or so, and came up to a hut much larger than akumo's.

As they walked inside, he saw that it was filled with beds and little creatures jumping about, but what caught troys attention was the girl laying in the bed in the back!

It was the girl. The girl who didn't freeze like everyone else!!!

"Hey" Troy called out. The girl turned to look at him, along with everyone else. "its you!!" she exclaimed obviously happy to see a human. "Do you know where everyone else is ?" troy said with hope in his eyes, slowly going insane with worrying about his best Friend." I don't know anything accept that i woke up in a forest and passed out because i could hear something around me. i woke up here." she said a little shakily. "Oh, well i guess we will find everyone else later" Troy said somewhat sadly.

"Where are we anyways?" said troy to akumo. "The pleasant little village of Silva javo" Akumo replied.

"SILVA JAVO?" Kali exclaimed "where in the world is that?"

Every little creature there froze including Akumo! They looked around at each other not knowing what too say!

"Um err uh" Akumo stumbled over his words " we are not allowed to talk about that , it uh brings bad luck" he said lying badly but Troy and Kali kept their mouths shut

Then troy asked the little beings if he could talk to Kali alone. As they all left troy looked at Kali "what was that about" she said.
"No clue" says Troy "well who cares we have to find our Friends" Kali says plainly

"But we don't know where they are" "We don't even know where WE are!!" Said troy

"So we'll find out where we are, understood" Kali said loosing her patience "uh okay" Troy stuttered.

"I'm just so confused" Said troy a little bit more confident. "well we have to start somewhere" Said Kali confidently.

"We just have to decide where that is" Said Akumo Obviously proud of himself, while bouncing into the door!

"okay and where would that be?" Kali asked annoyed "wherever you want to start" Akumo answered joyfully.

"Well seeing as we don't know where we are i think you should lead" said Kali obviously upset that she wasn't the leader.

"Yay Akumo is happy to help Friends" Akumo screeched "okay lost the hearing in my ear" Troy said plainly. "Well lets go" Kali said getting out of the bed.

But as she got up she collapsed onto the floor.

"Kali" Troy yelled "are you okay?"

"Ugh my ankle hurts i think its broken!" she replied, clutching her ankle.

" Well that's not good i guess we have to stay here until you are better" Troy said a little relieved to get their journey slowed down a bit.
because truthfully troy was afraid of where he was! this was all happening too fast buy he knew that he had to be strong, he needed to find Seth.

"fine" Kali said a little agitated, she really wanted to do something exciting with her time here! Who knows how long they will spend in this weird place.

hours later..

Troy way lying on his side on the ground beside the bed in Akumo's hut. Akumo was fast asleep on Kali's foot. troy giggles slightly at the sight.

As he watched Kali started to snore `wow` Troy thought `what loud snores` he turned on his stomach and tried to fall asleep.

a half an hour later (by Troy's watch) after trying every sleep position and with no luck he got up silently and went out the door...

As he walked through the empty streets his thoughts kept wandering to his lost best Friend and that boy that he saw before the white light.

An then he was looking not into the street but into a small room with no furnishings. With shadows cast upon the corner of the chamber.

There were chains upon the walls and some bones in a corner but his attention was taken on who was hanging from one of the chains it was a child!

Troy walked closer to the child.
He was I'm bad shape but troy could still recognise the face of his best friend

"Seth" Troy stuttered "what happened" he said looking at his best Friend, as he moved closer to Seth someone appeared in front of him it was someone in a black cloak.

The being walked foreword towards Seth like he didn't even see troy!

Seth started to whimper. he was obviously afraid of the cloaked figure.

"Hello, who are you" Troy whispered shaking slightly, the cloaked figure did not even notice him and kept walking towards Seth.

As the figure took the boy out of the small cell, something happened!

A hazy figure was standing about two feet away looking right at him!

"hello" he stuttered out unable to make any proper words come out. "who are you" Troy said gaining some more confidence in himself.

"My name is not important" said the figure dressed in white.

"You are the one that is important" said the figure.

"what do you mean" Troy asked with fear in his voice "what's going on, why is my Friend in chains and who are you i think that's the important thing right now" Troy said scared, irritated and freaked out.

"Well since i don't have much time i must tell you a few things" said the figure.

"The most important thing is to have hope" The figure said not moving from his spot as if he was glued to it, "you and you're friends are in grave danger, so i am here to help" the figure said. Troy looked at him as if he was crazy.

"firstly, you will start to experience things you haven't before. Second i am side you, when you came to this world i was absorbed to your body. Third and last, since i am now part of you, you will start to receive my gifts, powers if you will. The first is what you are experienced now, you have traveled through space while you slept to where your subconscious has wanted you to see. you are both .

As the figure finished his speech he casted his eyes on the young boy in front of him,"so do you understand" the elder male asked. Troy was in total shock was what he was hearing true, did he inherit this mans power? Should he even trust him? this was all to confusing for Troy so he did the only thing he could do be stubborn "why should I believe you, I don't even know you."

"Well if i was evil, wouldn't you see me in a black cloak"said the man.
"What does clothing have anything to do with this" Troy asked starting to get a little irritated that he was getting no answers. "well i am almost dead so if i was evil wouldn't death dress me in black" the man replied.
"This is confusing, whatever if you are stuck inside me i trust you" Troy said get annoyed and wishing he was anywhere but here. "Can I go now? Troy asked

But then he remembered Seth

"I need to save him" he said forcefully.

"If you are sure that you must and i think you are as well as me" "then we must make haste. I will lead you, Follow your heart and i will guide it."

And with that, the man was gone!

The End

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