Awakening part 3/4

He heard it before he felt it.
It sounded like something falling, and it was coming down fast. He had to make a split decision.
"Do i run or wait" he thought quickly.

But at that moment a bang was heard throughout the forest he was in, "ow" he whined as he held his head where the mystery object hit him. As his finally stopped throbbing he looked around and saw the book he was reading earlier, but it was thicker this time "hmmm that's strange" he said to no one.

but it was the same.. "strange" he thought again

As he flipped through the book he got to the back,and where he finished reading last time there was a new paragraph. "what the" he said confused this was all to strange for him.

He began reading the new page

It said "as the children entered this new place they begun to get feelings they never felt before."
He wonder what children the book meant ,could it possibly be the kids that he saw on picture day when the weird thing happened?
He shook off the thought, put the book in his pack (which he always carrys around) and looked around.

He finally noticed that he wasn't in the school anymore, he was in a field, all the flowers, trees and, grass was dead everything had a evil vibe to it.

He picked himself up off the ground to inspect a small bug. The creature was like nothing he had ever seen before. It was the colour pink and in the shape of a it was sort of normal, though he thought he recognised it. "where am i" he asked looking around for any sign of life.

He walked through the field scanning the area. Soon he entered the tree line. though they were dead as well

"Ugh this is so annoying" he said to no one in particular. as he kept walking he could see something in the distance, it looked like the outline of a castle, or he was just going insane because he was dehydrated and starving.

He got closer and saw that it was like a plateau of earth.

He sped up his walking and got closer to the plateau

Climbing up the plateau took longer than he thought it would have though,t but he made it up eventually. He stood there looking out at the desolate setting feeling sorry for the inhabitants who probably died there in a fire of something.

he heard a rushing sound and spun around to see what it was!

then, and it only took a second, he heard the rushing sound again and felt a wave of rage.

West had never been this angry before. But he was sure it wasn't his rage!!!

The End

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