Awakening part 2/4

Kali woke with the sound of trees rusling aroung her. Her eyes slowley opened, "huh, what happened?" she asked no one. As she looked around she noticed she was in a forest.
she yelled but nobody came.
she felt more alone than she had ever been.
as she slowley sunk to her knee's she wondered where those other boys went 'what were their names cory, wenth and, max' she thought making funny faces, 'no thats not it ugghh whatever.
she yelled out again and climed up a large tree to take a look at where she was
as she looked around she saw other tree's and a whole lot of nothing "HEY, IS ANYONE OUT THERE" she bellowed.

Then she heard a scurrying.

She looked down and saw no one "any one there" she asked
She hurried down the tree and started to walk down a well beaten path she found.

"EWW, talk about creepy" she said as she walked over a dead bird. "HELLO" she yelled hoping someone was going to hear here

Once again nobody replied!

"This is getting really annoying" she said aloud, 'maybe if i keep on walking i can find someone' she thought optimisticly.
then she heard the scurrying again.

She turned around quickly, but saw nothing, "anyone there" she squeaked out, scared beyond belief. And she heard it again!


She spun around in circles untill she saw something moving in a bush.

she heard the scuttling again and Something hit her from behind and all she saw was blackness.

The End

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