Awakening part 1/4

Troy woke with a slight tapping feeling at his side.

"what" he grumbled, as he looked down he almost screamed "what are you" he said his breath coming out short. "its me" said the creature. "and what are you" troy replied
"well i am a Akumo of course" the little Akumo said .
Just then he got a look at his surroundings. He was in a dark field, it had a forbiding feel to it " to it " "we're in Kendora of course" said the Akumo.


"where in the world is Kendora" troy asked frustrated "I'm not quite sure exactly um i was born only 8 days ago" Said Akumo "oh, well then where are your parents?" troy asked a little worried on why parents would leave their children in a place like this.
"I'm not quite sure" the little Akumo said sadly, "i just woke up and no one was around"
The End

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