Picture Day

It was picture day at the school they went to.Troy and Seth were in one class. Kali in another. and West in the other district of the school

It was all going normal Seth and troy waiting in line to get their turn.

"why do we have to get our pictures taken?" said troy
"So my parents don't forget how awesome I am" Seth replied.
"Yeah okay, YOU awesome! Only in your dreams!" troy said plainly.

"next!" shouted the woman taking the photos

Picture day was held in the main building auditorium. Usually 3-4 classes took their class pictures together, because the school wasn't very wealthy.

The line was getting shorter and shorter, Seth and troy were getting to the front of the line faster.
"Seth, you're up!" said troy. Seth didn't realize that it was his turn.

His class was the last to take individual pictures before the 3-4 classes class picture. when his class had finished their individual pictures, the other 2 classes lined up with Troy and Seth's class . they stood waiting for the last people to get in line and the people to straighten up.

As everyone was settled the photographer counted down " 3 2 1 everyone say money."
"money!" said the whole class. Seth and troy saw the flash.

But something happened.

The flash wasn't a flash it was like a light turning on and it stayed on?!?!?!
Everything was bright Seth and troy couldn't see anything.

They tried to move, but accidentally fell off the stage, due to the blinding light.

They heard two other voices talking in confusion. so they got up and stumbled behind the lights. there they saw a popular girl named Kali and some other kid they barely saw at the school.

"Um hey ?" Seth said a little weirded out, "whats going on ?" he continued."OK, what just happened?" Kali said

then they heard it.!.!.!

it was a females voice it was soft yet demanding, "hello children" she said kindly.
"who's there? what do you want?" shouted Seth, looking frightened
" my name is not important " said the voice"you children are the only important people now" the voice added on "what do you mean" Kali shouted in anger"you are the chosen ones" said the voice, very powerfully!

Just like that they found themselves falling!The fall at first was very fast but then the decent slowed they were floating."Jeez, is this like Alice in wonderland or something?" Kali said Troy was at a loss for words. soon they had stopped their decent and each of then blacked out

The End

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