Background Story's

Ever since troy could remember, he had been best friends with Seth.

Seth and troy were inseparable, they did everything together.From the first day of pre-school they had been as tight as friends could be.They grew up in a little town bye the name of Tsuruga.

Tsuruga is a little town in the west of Japan.They had never really been any good at school but they didn't really concentrate on it.Besides Seth was a great artist, and he himself was an okay musician even though Seth always said he was great. Saying that someday he would be famous. and troy saying that Seth could " paint the future". Seth and troy didn't really have many Friends other than each other, you could say that people thought they were ether freaks or weirdo's. Saying this because they were always in the back of the class with Seth drawing weird creatures and troy telling him what they looked like. but troy didn't usually have to because Seth always had great ideas, saying that they can e to him in a dream!

Kali woke with a start! her alarm clock was blaring the usual sound. she quickly got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.

She wasn't really born there, the moved to Japan when she was 11. Yet she knew japanese from her mother who was born there.
She had lots of friends, you could say she was popular she loved Horseback Riding and gossiping with her Friends.
She had a strong personality, not yet bossy but definitely not a follower.
But she kept that locked inside her for she wanted to fit in with the crowd.But sometimes the teachers at school would just push her off the edge.She would yell and scream at them while everyone looked shocked, who could of known someone like her would be a fighter? She was never suspended because the teachers saw so much potential in her.But that did not keep them from being ticked off, she would get detentions but that would be it.

The move from her hometown in Calgary, Alberta had been very unsettling for her. having to say goodbye to her best friends. though she never showed her emotions while saying their farewells.

But that was over now, all she had to worry about was not being late for the bus,

West was sitting in the corner of the classroom, with his face in a book he'd read many times. nobody really knew anything about him.

He was a very bright kid but he kept to himself so nobody noticed him.After school west always took the long way home, because he was afraid they would see where he lived. His family was very poor. the book he had been reading in school was the only book they could afford. Something about another world written by some guy named Seth!

They had all had pretty regular lives till one day something happened to each of them that would change their lives forever!!!

The End

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