Spirit Awakening

"Faster" yelled troy, "we're gonna be late".
"well if you hadn't eaten soooo much food, we'd be there by now" panted seth.

The two boys had been friends for as long as they knew. From daycare all the way to grade 8 where they are today. but the story dosn't begin here it starts in a place not unlike our own, yet teaming with unknown beasts.

A great battle wages on between the spirits of good and evil! Antogmi and genisoe the great spirits of good, atop a pillar of earth fighting together against the spirit of darkness drakel, they knew the fight was nearly over, their power reserves were running drier as the fight progressed. just when the fight was almost finnished Antogmi and Genisoe took as much power from their surroundings, including their allies. And they sent all the power that they built up and sent it all at once upon drakel.

the last thing anyone there saw was a flash of multicoloured lights. they heard a great explosion. the whole area exploded in a whirl of light and sound, and that was it ...!

Somewhere Millions of lightyears away something awoke within the hearts of four children.!?!?

The End

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