short story i wrote back in year 7 about spirits, life and death

It began when I was fifteen I started seeing things that others couldn`t see, It began... with me sitting on the school bus on the way to the Houses of Parliament, when I saw this column of mist gliding alongside the coach as if it were waiting for someone, then we stopped .we were not at our destination, but directly in front of the coach was a massive hall and inside this hall was a window which no one knew about apart from me but I didn`t know where in the massive building was this gateway.

The staff told us to stay on the coach in case of emergency, but all the students ignored this and got off the bus, then the staff told us to stay just outside the bus. Except that I had another thing on my mind I wanted to explore! So I started to sneak quietly around the front of the bus, I saw the coach driver bending down looking at the engine of the coach he was muttering to himself, because he couldn’t see what was wrong with the engine, so I walked slowly to the doors of the great hall and there in front of me was a portal to another dimension.

Being curious, I stepped through the portal and without any warning I was in the sea and swimming but it wasn`t any old sea it was a sea of souls, I looked up and saw a ship coming straight for me, the vessel was going to slaughter me. Kilometres away, metres away, feet away and getting closer and closer by the minute then I felt an icy chill go down the full length of my body, I looked up and saw the liner, RMS TITANIC  directly above me. What happened next still puzzles me even to this day; I started to walk on the water, I finally got to land.

Everywhere you looked columns of mist rose into shapes of vehicles, people, animals and many other things, these were spirits and ghosts .I saw a path in front of me and followed it, the windy path took me to an abandoned castle with church and graveyard.

I saw a name on a gravestone I recognised, it was the tomb stone of Lord Horatio Nelson I wanted so much to ask him about his life as a sailor and answer any questions he had for me. All of a sudden I had no control of my legs I was running straight towards the stone ,this time I really was going to crash because the stone wasn’t all ghostly it was solid rock, but I didn’t crash because next thing I knew I was falling down, down past other gravestones of people I knew, NO! NO! No.......

My gravestone was at the bottom of the deep pit.

So this was the feeling of death

 I had felt it; I had lived it and now.

 No-one will know I’m dead.

Just My spirit lingers alone.

The End

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