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Not all endings are happy; did you ever wonder if the monsters under your bed are true or if there was a blood-curdling scream in the closet...Well Myfi knows it all, she has a secret, a secret she cannot exploit or forget. The dark is coming for her; but what lies in the dark is the question she wants to know, but will it make peace...or destroy?

When the Terror Began

THE veiled jet black sky shimmered upon the pale crescent moon, it's corners burned; vexed like a birth-place of the undead. Its rage rose a blustery violent storm, the lightning cracked a sallow volt of electricity which reign reached over for miles on end. 
  Myfi hid herself under the duvet as the dimmed light flickered on and off, a buzzing sound entered and left, entered and left. Myfi whimpered as her hazel hair stuck to her face as the sweat trickled down her ashen aspect.
  A pallid tear oozed down her face once or twice, as she quaked, croaking icily "Mu...Mumm...Mummy"
  But mummy didn't reply, mummy never replied, every night Jackie would go to the local pub and get drunk, sometimes she wouldn't return until her daughter woke up. Myfi understood she had been like that since she and her dad split up two weeks ago; but she couldn't help blame herself for the neglect bullying her mum would give her.
  If she was awake when her mum came home, she would return with a bottle of alcohol in one hand, guzzling it down whilst smoking good knows, but a weird sort of white powdery substance.
  Her jeans would be torn and shirts ripped, buttons gone, all the things bad mixed into one to create a monster. She wouldn't dare beat her child, slap her or anything though.
  No matter what would happen, she still loved her child very much, she didn't mean for deeds which she did. She tried to speak to her ten year old daughter so many times that they would do more stuff and bond together, mother-daughter time, but now she couldn't find the strength or energy to help her daughter for now.
  Myfi tried so hard to get to sleep, but then it came, the growing noise like a scratching on her door, the nails dug so hard, that she had to grit her teeth. Her blood froze sub-zero and she clutched her heart. Her heart pounded so hard it felt like a pride of lions trying to tear and rip its way through.
  The door knob rattled, the metal clunking, Myfi grabbed her head with her hands, shaking her head, wailing to make the noises go.
  But the noises would never go, she was entrapped by fear, by loneliness, by death, it followed her wherever it went, but mummy never listened, her teacher never listened, no one ever listened. The clouds darkened like ink on a paper, suddenly it went cold, a small gust of wind shuddered the hairs on the back of her neck and...it felt like there was someone else in the room.

  But it couldn't be possible, nothing could be invisible, how could something else be in the room?
  Myfi pinched herself, hit her head, she did everything to try and convince herself that it was a dream, but she knew it wasn't, it was just her and the thing trying to conceal itself in her room.
  The door edged itself open; but no one was there, just the arch door way that dangled with scarlet roses where she made in school. 
  The cascaded onto the ground, and the door shut itself back up.
  Panting, panting and more panting, it was all the symptoms of fear, "Mummy!!" she cried, but she never listened again...

  She craned her head around the looked at her sapphire wardrobe...the door was slightly ajar, and a milky eye, with ruby veins like anger and frustration was looking straight at Ruby in the eyes

  Before the screams in the dark began...!

The End

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