"It is time, Spiral Warrior."

I was awake when the Tyrant appeared before me in the office room, yet I acted as if I were sleeping. I had thought I could see how he appeared - maybe it was a vehicle or some sort of portal - but I had only seen him appear as if he had been there all along and just decided he wanted to be seen. 

"What is a Spiral Warrior?" I asked the Tyrant, giving up my ruse. Guame rose as I did, quickly climbing my leg to get to his favorite spot. Had I not been in the presence of the bastard who was probably part of the reason Earth had suffered, I would have been bothered by the armadillo's claws digging through my bandaged torso.

The being stared at me for a moment, his silhouette shifting like electrical surges. "It is not yet time for you to despair, Spiral Warrior," the thing said calmly, making me annoyed, "Come."

Before I had a chance to even ask another question, everything disappeared in a bright purple light. Everything but me, Guame, and the being that stood in front of me, motionless. The most alarming thing about the light, however, was that my power seemed to shy away from it as well as push against it, like some bully that you try to stand against. It reminded me of Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide in the way that I thought if the purple light came into contact with my power, they would negate each other... 

And in a moment, it was gone and I was standing in a room with two beds and a box that reminded me of refridgerator units from before the collapse of Earth. Of course, those did not concern me. Instead, I focused on a form sitting on one of the beds; a girl no older than me with shoulder-length hair and a nice dress with frills. She reminded me of someone from the cities that still stood... 

"This is where you will live until the Game begins," the Tyrant said, his voice still flat and emotionless. I wasn't surprised when he left without giving me a chance to ask him more questions or try to attack him - I had a small knife palmed from when I woke up. 

I focused on the girl, who was now watching me with curiosity. From my initial look, I had thought her as old as I was, but the innocent look on her soft face reminded me of a child. Maybe she was younger... No, I thought to myself. Based on her chest and curvature, she had at least developed for some time... Maybe fourteen at the youngest. I guessed fifteen, though. 

I also noticed the green energy that surrounded her, a mirror of my own. It was not like mine, however, as hers seemed more... calm. Whereas mine was a surging storm when I pulled it forth. I was curious about the differences, as usually people had too little of the stuff to actually study them. That, and they were usually trying to kill me, steal from me, abuse me in some twisted way, or all of the above. I made a note to pay attention to the power she held in the future. 

"My name is Lazen Teppelin," I said to the girl, who was still staring. "May I ask your name?" I was hoping she was innocent like she looked. I had met girls like her - albeit they were dirtier and covered in wounds and starving - who had lured people in with innocent looks, then stabbed them with a rusty fork or knife. It was a sign to how messed up Earth had become...

To the girl's credit, she seemed to just smile broadly. "Well met, good sir," she said with a voice that would make angels jealous, should they exist, "I am Nia Adiane. Are you the other sacrifice?"

I was slightly taken back by her cheerfulness while saying the word 'Sacrifice,' but held my ground. "What do you mean by sacrifice?"

Nia gave me an odd expression while tilting her head, making her bright blonde hair swing to the side. "You do not know? About why you are here?"

"Some sort of death match, I presumed." Why were we called sacrifices? Was the match rigged? 

"We are called that because we will most likely die," the girl said, a hint of sadness coming into her persona. "It has been many years since a victor has come from Earth," she continued. My curiosity forced my mouth shut. I was curious now. "He seemed to have gotten lucky, from how he described it. It was a shock to everyone in the city." Nia perked up a bit. "But that means we have a chance, right?"

She waited for me to answer, so I did. 

"We always have a chance," I said honestly. Statistically, there was always a chance at anything... Given the right tools. "You are from the city?" She nodded, confirming the obvious. "Can you tell me all you know about the Hunger Games, Miss Nia?"


I learned that these games were a way to keep the many planets under the Tyrant's - called the Anti-spirals by everyone in the cities - control suppressed. It was started years back after Earth had already been attacked and people were still bitter and rebellion brewing. The Games would bring two participants - a male and female - from each of their territories and have them fight until only one remained. 

To make matters worse, everyone was forced to watch it in order to inflict despair unto them. The reasons were vague, but it seemed to be for the purpose of preventing anyone from dreaming of a brighter future, just as suppression usually did. The only odd thing is the one thing Nia knew about that I had wanted to know. 

Spiral Power. 

It was the 'power' I had been using. Nia didn't know anything else about it, only that she had been born with a lot of it, which seemed to single her out as the ideal candidate for the Games. While she spoke, I could see her sorrow hidden beneath her smiling face. Yet, I also sensed some determination, even if she might not have seen it herself. 

I walked over and sat on the bed opposite of her and rubbed Guame's nose. "Don't worry, Nia," I said while the new information sunk in, "I'll make us survive this, somehow."

And I was sure, somehow, that I would.

The End

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