This is a project I am mainly doing to attempt to improve my writing and productivity, but I hope any who read enjoy. Unlike my others, this is a fanfic and I am going to try to post either daily or every other day. This is a Gurren Lagann and Hunger Games crossover fanfiction. Here's hoping I keep it up...


It was once called that, I think. Of course, that was before they came. Before they brought us down and beat us into the very dirt we grew from. I only remember little bits of it, mostly due to my young age at the time, but the nightmares ensured I would never forget. The nightmares made everyone remember. 

Those god-like tyrants who oppressed human kind. 

I shook my head, dispelling the images of bloody bodies and people in terror, focusing on the store in front of me. It had also been something once; a bookstore for educational material. I only knew it from the faded sign dangling above it, of course. I could only hope that it still contained what I sought. 

"Let's go, Guame," I told my lone companion, an armadillo that was currently residing on my shoulder. "Maybe we can find something here."

I had been searching for years for places of knowledge. In all my sixteen years of living I had learned one very important thing; knowledge is the key. It always is. Even the tyrants who devastated our planet knew the importance of knowledge. Earth's lack of it, or, more precisely, our arrogance in our own power. 

Again, the nightmares came to mind, but I banished them with a thought and moved into the ruined bookstore. Once inside, I saw what boarded windows and shadows hid from me: a mess of books scattered about with traces of someone once living here. Someone trying to avoid scavenging gangs? Well, it mattered not to me. 

I took a deep breathe, calling upon the power that seemed to surge from me at the slightest touch and felt the green aura surround my body. The mess of books were slowly illuminated by the green glow and Guame clung tighter to my t-shirt with his small claws. He always seemed to do that when I unleashed the power, though I could only guess why.


I scanned the books, looking for anything even close to the subject of energies. Over the years, I had learned many things. The first and foremost being that scavengers like me weren't meant to learn, or even survive. The main cities made sure that anyone who lived outside their borders stayed there. They even killed anyone they found were advancing technologically. It was madness, but also kept me on top of everyone out in the wastelands like Chicago. 

But the most important things I learned were in the form of what other scavengers would call useless information. Things like physics, genetics, and other fields of science. I remember learning about how light was simply electromagnetic radiation that was visible to the eye. From then, my lust for knowledge only grew as I did. 

I discovered about how the planet was formed - or,at least, the theory of a massive explosion creating the beginnings of life - and even the explanation of gravity. It was fascinating because it made the world a much more interesting place. A place I could influence someday, given I learn more. 

There was simply one issue that I found... I could not find any scientific explanation for this power that I seemed to have so much of. I wasn't special - I could sense similar power in everyone I saw, just to a lesser extent - but no one seemed to know and no books I had found so much as hinted at it. Was I a mutation of some sort? It wouldn't be all that surprising, given the general destruction done solely through chemical warfare by the Tyrants. I wasn't TOO far away from some of those places... 

In any case... 

I spent the next hour looking through piles of books for anything that could explain this power to me, all the while glowing green with the power running through me. Most of the books had been damaged, but thankfully not many were incomprehensible and I could discern what they had held at the very least. When I finally made my way through most of the books in the small shop, I had nothing to show for my work except a textbook on theoretical physics that I found interesting. 

"No luck, Guame," I told my friend. The small critter appeared apathetic on my shoulder, but squeezed me in reassurance. "Let's find some food, shall we?"

"Spiral warrior, you have been chosen."

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of the extra voice and managed to turn after a moment of shock. I expected some sort of strange psychopath or maybe a member of a scavenger gang, of course. It was almost always one of the two or a combination with the wastelands. Chicago was even a special place for a lot of gangs. Coming here had been a risk I was willing to take, but it was still alarming that someone had...

The person... or thing... standing in the doorway was nothing like I had imagined. Instead of a person in rags or makeshift armor, I saw a silhouette of a man with some sort of... shadow making up his body and where his face should have been were two large holes of light and something resembling a mouth with a parted lower lip spilling light as well. 

"What... what are you?"

The being did not move, but spoke once more. "You have been chosen, Spiral Warrior Lazen Teppelin, to participate in the Hunger Games, a survival tournament that will decide the fate of your planet. You have one day to prepare before I come to transport you to the battlegrounds."

Once the emotionless voice stopped, the creature vanished without a trace. Had Guame not been squeezing my shoulder tight enough to hurt, I might not have pulled out of the shock.

What had just happened...? 

The End

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